You Won’t Believe Why These 34 Republicans Just Stabbed Trump in the Back

There are still shadowy forces within the Republican Party working against Donald Trump.

They would like nothing more than to see a Democrat win in 2020.

And you won’t believe why these 34 Republicans just stabbed Trump in the back.

As Great American Daily reports:

The Democrats have become increasingly snug in their convictions.

Anyone who doesn’t bow the knee to every single one of their convictions is filled with hate in their eyes.

Nowhere can this be more clearly seen than in immigration.

Every single Democrat nominee has embraced a policy of open borders that allows amnesty for every single person who came into this country illegally.

They protest when convicted felons are deported back to their home countries.

They want to have an immigration policy that works for illegal immigrants instead of having immigration policies that work for Americans.

The Democrats have shown how little they care for American workers with the latest bill that they passed.

The House voted on Wednesday to allow amnesty for more than a million illegal farmworkers and 34 Republicans crossed over the aisle to help pass a bill that makes the illegal immigration crisis worse.

According to Breitbart:

Nearly all House Democrats, plus a group of 34 Republicans, voted Wednesday to approve an amnesty for illegal farmworkers and to outsource more of the nation’s farm workforce to cheap H-2A visa workers.

The bill, H.R. 5038, would likely amnesty more than a million illegal aliens, and it also subsidizes farm companies that hire more H-2A visa workers instead of hiring Americans.

Those subsidies for hiring foreign H-2A workers include rules to cut the H-2A workers’ pay below the expected 2020 rates, plus massive housing subsidies for the migrant workers. The biggest subsidy, however, is that employers will be allowed to dangle the prize of Americans’ citizenship to H-2A migrants who agree to work at low wages for long hours in harsh conditions.

Americans comprise roughly three-quarters of the 2.1 million workers in farming, fishing, and forestry, according to a November 2018 report by the Pew Research Center. In contrast, the workforce includes 325,000 illegal workers, or one-in-six of the workforce, said Pew. The estimate of working illegal aliens is far below the Democrats’ estimate of two million illegal aliens who will benefit from an amnesty.

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Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform blasted the bill saying “The only thing worse than another large-scale amnesty is one that then forces people to continue to toil for poor wages and under poor working conditions for the same unscrupulous employers who hired them illegally in the first place.”

The bill would require illegal immigrants to work ten years before they could apply for legal status.

Some Republicans were swayed by big farms looking for a short term fix from cheap immigrant labor when instead they should have been looking after American agricultural workers.

America needs good conservative Congressmen who will look for the real solutions instead of the easy fixes.

Do you think that allowing amnesty will help fix America’s broken immigration system?

Let us know in the comments below.