You Won’t Believe Why Joe Biden Could Skip The Presidential Debates

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The three scheduled Presidential debates are the last time the candidates can make their case to the American people.

But trailing in the polls Donald Trump just got some bad news.

And you won’t believe why Joe Biden could skip the Presidential debates.

As Conservative Revival reports:

President Trump and his supporters counted on the three Presidential debates scheduled for this fall to serve as a showcase for Trump to expose Joe Biden’s radical record and clearly diminished cognitive state.

Some Democrats worried that Biden having to stand up for three 90 minute contests with Trump would feed the attack that the former Vice President is senile and in the early onset of dementia.

Trump supporters suspected that the Biden campaign would use the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to either cancel the debates or stage them virtually where the candidates appeared remotely and Biden could have someone with him holding up cue cards to prompt Biden on how to answer questions.

And the first domino in those worst fears of conservatives coming true happened when the University of Notre Dame announced it was pulling out of hosting the first Presidential debate that was scheduled for September 29.

University President Reverend John Jenkins announced the decision in a statement posted on Notre Dame’s website.

“After consultation with Dr. Mark Fox, St. Joseph County deputy health officer, and with the unanimous support of the Executive Committee of the University’s Board of Trustees, Father Jenkins made what he called “this difficult decision because the necessary health precautions would have greatly diminished the educational value of hosting the debate on our campus,” Jenkins.

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Father Jenkins claimed the coronavirus limiting on campus activities meant fewer students would have been able to attend the debate which defeated the purpose of hosting the event in the first place.

“In a letter earlier today to the Notre Dame community, Father Jenkins said that “the inevitable reduction in student attendance in the debate hall, volunteer opportunities and ancillary educational events undermined the primary benefit of hosting — to provide our students with a meaningful opportunity to engage in the American political process,” the statement read,

“I am grateful to the many members of the University community who have devoted countless hours planning this event, and to the Commission on Presidential Debates leadership for their professionalism and understanding. But in the end, the constraints the coronavirus pandemic put on the event — as understandable and necessary as they are — have led us to withdraw,” Father Jenkins continued.

Many conservatives suspect Notre Dame is doing the Democrats dirty work and setting the stage for canceling the debates or changing the format to allow Biden to be coached through the event by announcing the school would no longer host the first Presidential debate.