You Won’t Believe What Tucker Carlson Said About Michelle Obama Running in 2020

Democrats are waiting for an answer on if Michelle Obama will run for President.

They may soon be about to get their wish.

And You won’t believe what Tucker Carlson said about Michelle Obama running for President.

As Great American Daily reports:

During a recent broadcast of his Fox News program, Tucker Carlson addressed the state of the Democrat primary race.

Carlson noted that the Democrats’ dream candidate Michelle Obama once again denied any interest in entering the race.

However, Carlson noted there were reasons to discount her denials.

“Don’t bet against Michelle Obama,” Carlson stated. “Last week, the former first lady issued a statement saying that she has no interest in being president. That’s what she claimed. But there are signs that that’s not true.”

The evidence – Carlson claimed – was the fact that Barack Obama did not endorse any candidate in the race – and that includes his former Vice President Joe Biden.

“If Obama had endorsed Joe Biden, the race would be over,” Carlson continued. “Obama hasn’t endorsed Joe Biden because he doesn’t want to endorse Joe Biden. Why? Maybe he’s got other plans.”

In addition, Carlson informed viewers that Obama pushed back the release of his presidential memoir to the middle of the primary season ensuring that the focus of media coverage would be on Obama and not whichever candidates are left standing in the nomination battle.

“Obama’s presidential memoir was also supposed to come out this year. Now, its release has been delayed until the middle of the Democratic primaries,” Carlson added. “In other words, at exactly the moment when Democrats will be thinking deeply about how to beat Donald Trump, America will be talking about the Obamas.”

Finally, Carlson concluded his analysis by stating that Michelle Obama is the only Democrat alive that can satisfy the party’s identity politics obsession with race and gender.

“The Democratic Party is ripping itself apart over race and gender and class. Michelle Obama, let’s be honest, is one of the only people who could unite the party’s warring factions.”

Carlson is not the first conservative media pundit to predict Michelle Obama would enter the 2020 race.

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Rush Limbaugh suggested Obama would make a late entrance into the race after the primaries under the condition that Democrats hand her the nomination at the convention.

Even some Trump supporters think Michelle Obama would be Donald Trump’s toughest opponent in the 2020 campaign.

And they are breathing a sigh of relief that President Trump appears to be set to take on the cast of the island of misfit toys currently running in the Democratic Presidential Primary.

But until Michelle Obama takes concrete steps to enter the race, any talk of her candidacy appears to be idle speculation.

Great American Daily will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.