What the Coronavirus Did To a 2020 Election Date Will Leave You Speechless

The Chinese coronavirus has turned the political world upside down.

Now the 2020 Presidential contest is the latest victim,

And what the coronavirus did to a 2020 election date will leave you speechless.

As Great American Daily reports:

The Chinese coronavirus is throwing every aspect of American life into chaos.

Schools are closed. Sports leagues are shut down. And now the very act of picking a President is in question.

And Donald Trump’s announcement on canceling an election had all hell breaking loose.

Arizona, Florida, Illinois and Ohio were set to hold Presidential primaries on Tuesday.

Those contests presented Joe Biden a chance to knock Bernie Sanders out of the race and set up a general election faceoff with Donald Trump.

But the explosion of the coronavirus threw everything into question.

The Centers for Disease Control released new “social distancing” guidelines recommending that Americans avoid gatherings of more than 10 people.

That called into question the ability of states to hold in-person voting on primary day.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced his administration would file a lawsuit to extend voting to June 2 so Ohioans could avoid waiting in crowded lines to vote and possibly spread the infection.

“It is my recommendation that we postpone in-person voting until June 2, 2020. We cannot tell people to stay inside, but also tell them to go out and vote. I’m making this recommendation because we must also look out for our poll workers. I believe when we look back on this, we’ll be happy we did this. The votes that have already been cast will still be counted – and this recommendation would allow others to vote in the future. A lawsuit will be filed to postpone the election until June 2, 2020. In the meantime, voters would still be able to request absentee ballots. It will be up to a judge to decide if the election will be postponed,” DeWine wrote.

At a White House press conference, a reporter asked President Trump about Ohio – as well as other states (Louisiana, Kentucky and Georgia have all delayed their primaries) – canceling their elections.

President Trump said that “postponing was unnecessary” but that it was a decision those states had to make.

Postponing the primary elections due to coronavirus presents a problem.

Infections like the coronavirus tend to fade in the summer as the weather warms, but return in the fall as temperatures drop.

Flu season generally begins in October.

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If coronavirus follows the general pattern of these types of illnesses, the virus will subside this summer only to come roaring back just as early voting for the Presidential Election begins.

There will still not be a vaccine for the coronavirus by the fall.

That means cases could pile up and the only defense Americans have is social distancing.

Polling places will be jam-packed with long lines as this election figures to have the highest number of Americans ever cast a ballot.

Will governments postpone or extend voting to mitigate a return of the coronavirus?

That is a nightmare no American wants to face.

Great American Daily will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.