Tucker Carlson Went on and Hit Trump with One Reality That Could Change the Election

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr.com

Donald Trump is staging a comeback in the Presidential election.

But there is one variable he didn’t count on.

And Tucker Carlson went on and hit Trump with one reality that could change the election.

President Trump and his Republican allies take every opportunity to highlight Joe Biden’s obvious cognitive decline.

A Zogby poll even found that 55 percent of Americans believe Joe Biden is in the early stages of dementia.

But Tucker Carlson wanted the President and his supporters to know that Joe Biden’s greatest strength may be the fact that voters see him as a diminished and therefore harmless old man.

“Well, if you’ve seen Biden talk, you know why. He is fading. That’s not a partisan point. It’s not intended to be cruel. It’s true. Seventy-seven-year-olds generally are not meant to lead large countries, 77 is not the prime of life, and it is old age. Vigor declines over the course of a lifetime, particularly in men. Joe Biden has grown weak. That’s why we don’t take him seriously,” Carlson stated.

Carlson said that Biden’s passive demeanor and reduced capabilities would provide a comforting contrast to voters worried that wild-eyed socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders would be calling the shots.

“So yes, Joe Biden has gotten a little daffy, but for that very reason, he is not going to hurt you. There’s nothing threatening about him. He’s not aggressive or overly ambitious,” Carlson explained.

“Because Biden is so obviously ineffective, he is harmless. Because he is passive, you assume he is well-meaning. You wouldn’t put Joe Biden in charge of your dinner reservations, but on the other hand, he is probably not going to send you to an internment camp,” Carlson added.

Democrats picked Joe Biden precisely because their agenda of letting men play in girls sports, raising taxes by four trillion dollars, amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens and confiscating firearms is wildly unpopular and they needed the least threatening public face they could find.

“A party that no longer represents the mainstream needs a leader who won’t scare voters. Joe Biden’s job is to soothe your fears about what the left will do if they ever take power,” Carlson continued.

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Democrats know full well that a senile President Biden will not be in charge of his administration.

He will act as a functionary signing whatever executive orders his radical staff members put in front of him and whatever bills Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer pass through Congress.

The left is just hoping the American people don’t pick up on what will be the reality of a Biden administration before they cast their ballots.

(h/t American Patriot Daily)