Tucker Carlson Released A Photo Of A Top Democrat In A Compromising Situation

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr.com

In the finals weeks before the election all the October surprises are dropping.

Democrats wanted to keep all of this secret.

But Tucker Carlson released a photo of a top Democrat in a compromising situation.

Democrats are huge hypocrites when it comes to following their own coronavirus policies.

They keep breaking the rules that they force everyone else to follow.

Tucker Carlson released one shocking photo that has Democrats panicking.

The Democrats claim that they are the party of science, yet there’s no scientific consensus about the use of masks.

Many European countries such as Finland, Holland and Denmark have decided that masks aren’t useful and most people never wear masks in those countries.

“From a medical point of view, there is no evidence of a medical effect of wearing face masks, so we decided not to impose a national obligation,” said Medical Care Minister Tamara van Ark.

Even Democrats themselves know that their reliance on masks is basically for show.

Pennsylvania’s Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf and Rep. Wendy Ullman were caught laughing on a hot mic that they wanted to be seen on camera wearing masks as a bit of “political theater.”

Democrats like to wear their mask in public but in private it’s a different story.

The masks are a way for the left to virtue signal to their base instead of a possibly useful tool in stopping coronavirus.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson released a photograph of CNN’s Chris Cuomo not wearing a mask with a cigar in hand.

“There he is, hair blown majestically, reshooting the scene for his own ad,” Cuomo said in a clip played by Carlson, with Cuomo later doing an impression of the President. “‘I hold rallies, and I tell you to ignore masks. And I rip mine off as I vanquish the virus because I am a leader! Fear not, COVID.’ What a bunch of bullshit!”

Carlson said that he thinks masks are a reasonable precaution against the coronavirus in some situations but criticized rules for masks in outdoor situations.

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“Chris Cuomo calls us immoral for doubting the rules. Then, in private, he whips off his mask the second he can,” Carlson said, showing the photographs. “Again, we don’t judge Chris Cuomo. Chris Cuomo judges us. And that’s the point!”

The Democratic nominee Joe Biden says that if he is elected, he will mandate that all Americans wear masks.

“Every American should be wearing a mask when they’re outside for the next three months at a minimum,” Biden told reporters in August.

“Let’s institute a mask mandate nationwide starting immediately and we will save lives. The estimates are we will save over 40,000 lives in the next three months if that is done,” Biden said.

The simple fact is that scientists are still debating whether Covid spreads as an aerosol or not, let alone how typical mask wearing effects the spread, yet Democrats state guesses as if they were gospel facts.

(h/t American Patriot Daily)