Tucker Carlson Had One Question For Democrats That They Hoped No One Would Ever Ask

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr.com

After the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg Democrats began plotting strategy on how to stop Donald Trump’s attempt to fill her seat.

But Chuck Schumer and the rest of the Senate Democrats just got some bad news.

And Tucker Carlson had one question for Democrats that they hoped no one would ever ask.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing stunned both parties and upended the presidential campaign.

But something seemed off.

Now, Tucker Carlson asked one big question about Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death.

The tragic death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has shaken America to its core.

And none is more shaken than politics.

Her passing has created a void that both sides are trying to fill.

And until a nominee is selected to replace her, both sides will continue to fight it out.

The Democrats are attempting to get a leg up in this fight by proposing some wild claims, but none is more shocking than the idea that RBG’s dying wish was that Trump not replace her.

Specifically, the Democrats claim that RBG’s “final wish” was that her replacement be selected after the November election.

Democrat leaders and news sources alike are majorly pushing this story in the hopes of cornering Trump and forcing him to postpone the decision.

But Tucker Carlson was not having it.

He called out the Democrats, calling this story incredibly bogus and insulting to RBG’s memory.

He stated:

“We don’t really know actually what Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s final words were. Did she really leave this world fretting about a presidential election? We don’t believe that for a second. If it were true, it would be pathetic because life is bigger than politics.”

Carlson is absolutely right.

While RBG’s life was dominated by her incredible work in politics, few people – if any – spend their final moments fretting about something they will not see.

His statement “life is bigger than politics” hits the nail on the head.

Additionally, Carlson asked his viewers to consider the absurdity of the situation.

Regardless of voters’ feelings towards RBG, the situation just doesn’t line up.

Firstly, there is no written record of this “final wish.”

All voters have to go on the word of the Democrats, who are using this story to gain sympathy from the people and power over the courts.

RBG’s final words were never recorded. Or, if they were, they have not been released to the public.

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Secondly, the fact that she would make this kind of wish seems absurd.

The fact that RBG – a stout defender of justice and the law – would use her final words to go against the Constitution just simply does not add up.

Lastly, even if it was her “final wish,” Congress should not substitute her word over the due process of the Constitution.

Carlson called out the Democratic leaders who are pushing this story and condemned them for using RBG’s passing in such a disrespectful way.

It appears that not even the loss of such a powerful person can stop the insanity that is politics.

Carlson continued, saying that the fact that Democrats are pushing this story at all demonstrates that they have reached rock bottom and have no legitimate arguments to make.

The Republicans are continuing to move forward in selecting a new justice and it appears that the Democrats will not be able to stop them.

(h/t American Patriot Daily)