This Warning About Joe Biden Made Democrats Waive a White Flag of Surrender

Joe Biden is now the presumptive Democrat nominee for President.

But according to Tucker Carlson the Democrats are in for some big trouble.

And now this warning about Joe Biden made Democrats waive a white flag of surrender.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

While Joe Biden is the likely Democrat Party nominee, the former Vice President has not lit the campaign trail on fire.

Biden’s hid in his basement in Delaware during the coronavirus outbreak, emerging for a few media interviews which only served to reinforce the idea that Biden is not mentally capable of handling the job of president due to his growing senility.

Polls show Joe Biden has the lowest levels of enthusiasm for candidacy ever recorded for a Democrat running for president.

Biden’s numbers are below even that of Hillary Clinton’s when she lost in 2016.

Appearing on Charlie LeDuff’s podcast “No BS News Hour,” Tucker Carlson explained this all added up to the Democrats pulling a “switcheroo” and replacing Biden with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

“So the Democratic Party is intent on taking power, period, period, and they mean it, and they’re willing to do kind of whatever they think works,” Carlson explained. “I mean that’s demonstrable.”

Carlson described Biden as a senile old man that has no business being in this race.

“He shouldn’t be working still,” Carlson continued. “I’m not being mean. I know him. I’ve always liked him. But that’s true. And so those are two trains traveling toward each other at high speed, two competing imperatives. We’ve got to win, but we’ve got a guy who can’t win. Therefore, they’re gonna replace him.”

“This is not the guy I’ve known, and you can ask anybody who knows him or has watched him,” Carlson added. “This is not him. He’s a completely different person, and he’s in decline, and I feel bad about it. That’ll be me someday…. I hope somebody loves me enough to not let me run for president.”

“If I had to bet, I would think Andrew Cuomo would be the most likely to replace Biden,” Carlson concluded.

Cuomo has become a media darling over the course of the pandemic.

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New York is the epicenter of the outbreak and the fact that the fake news media is centered in Manhattan makes it easy for them to cover Cuomo’s daily press conferences, which like President Trump’s daily briefings are now broadcast live on all cable news channels.

Carlson is not wildly speculating that Democrats think Cuomo – who the fake news now regularly praises as “America’s Governor” – could take Biden’s spot as the nominee.

Rachel Maddow went so far as to call Cuomo “president of the coronavirus response” and the hash tag “President Cuomo” trended on social media.

The fact that some Democrats would float the idea of Cuomo as the nominee speaks to the low level of enthusiasm among the rank-and-file for Biden’s candidacy.

Black Eye Politics will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.