Tucker Carlson Broke One Story That Just Changed Donald Trump’s Campaign

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr.com

President Trump is looking to shake up the Presidential race.

Trump didn’t have to look any father than Fox news.

That’s because Tucker Carlson broke one story that just changed Donald Trump’s campaign.

It is an accepted fact of reality that criticizing Black Lives Matter can end one’s career.

Private citizens have been fired from their jobs for even mildly critical social media posts on their personal accounts about Black Lives Matter.

Popular Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson is already facing a renewed advertiser boycott to drain the revenue from his show in order to force Fox to fire him.

Some advertisers like T-Mobile and Papa John’s caved.

Carlson’s remaining advertisers could face renewed pressure after Carlson attacked the Black Lives Matter mobs in the streets as a “militia” that served the Democrat Party.

As evidence Carlson pointed out that elected Democrats in Philadelphia – the mayor and the district attorney – cheered rioters that destroyed property and set fires.

“In the City of Philadelphia, both the Mayor and the District Attorney, Larry Krasner, we’ve told you about repeatedly — cheered as mobs set fire and destroyed public property there,” Carlson began.

Carlson contrasted that reaction to the mayor threatening jail time for everyday Philadelphia residents that showed up with bats to stand guard and protect a statue of Christopher Columbus.

“But when a group of working-class Philadelphians tried to protect the statue of Christopher Columbus from being destroyed, Krasner threatened to prosecute them. You’d think the mob will ever show up at Larry Krasner’s house? Not likely. In fact, No, never. And by the way, Nancy Pelosi is also safe at her estate in Napa,” Carlson added.

Carlson explained that the only reason for this behavior was because Philadelphia’s mayor and district attorney had nothing to fear from the rioters because the rioters were under the control of the Democrat Party.

“Democratic politicians don’t fear the mob. Notice that. Why? Because they don’t need to. They control the mob. The mob operates with their permission. These are their foot soldiers. This is their militia.” Carlson concluded.

Democrats certainly believe that ratcheting up the civil unrest helps them politically.

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Since Donald Trump is the President Democrats believe the public will blame Trump for not getting a handle on the mayhem consuming American cities.

That is a risky political play as the protests no longer tether themselves to the cause of police brutality or justice for George Floyd’s death.

Instead, roving bands of  Democrat Party controlled militants patrol the streets looking for statues to destroy.

Voters could end up seeing Trump as their last line of defense against the left turning America into a third world country complete with state sanctioned militias rather than view Trump as a hapless leader unwilling or unable to bring peace and order to the streets.

(h/t Conservative Revival)