Trump Released A Bombshell Video Of Secret Ballots Being Counted When No One Was Looking

Photo by Dwight Burdette on WikiMedia Commons

President Trump and his campaign believe they found their smoking gun.

This is the proof of widespread voter fraud.

And Trump’s campaign released a bombshell video of secret ballots being counted when no one was looking.

As Great American Daily reports:

The President’s legal team produced a bombshell video at a hearing on voter fraud in Georgia.

In the video, an election official is seen clearing a room where votes were being counted at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta.

Once the room was cleared the supervisor and some handpicked allies drag suitcases full of ballots that were secretly hidden under a table until the election observers left.

By some reports Joe Biden won 98 percent of these votes that were hidden until the election officials thought no one was looking and they could get away with counting these ballots in secret.

Georgia Republican Party Chairman David Shafer posted on social media that this video confirmed his account that Republican monitors left State Farm Arena after officials and that votes were counted unsupervised until 1 in the morning.

Georgia Congressman Jody Hice tweeted that the video showed evidence of clear fraud.

“Caught on candid camera… Fulton County supervisors in Georgia tell poll workers, press and observers to leave the room… And then pull out SUITCASES of ballots. Say it with me… F R A U D. WHERE IS THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE?” Congressman Hice wrote.

“This EXPLOSIVE fraud is ORGANIZED. People do not spontaneously conceal cases of ballots in a counting room to be counted later in secret. It requires money, logistics & leadership – like Stacey Abrams’ group that’s already under investigation. Who’s running this operation?” Congressman Hice added.

Even Georgia’s hapless Republican Governor Brian Kemp realized he needed to act.

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In an interview with Fox News Channel’s Laura Ingraham, Governor Kemp finally demanded an investigation into voter fraud in Georgia.

“I think we are working right now, and hopefully, the secretary of state will update us on exactly what was going on. I have heard they had a monitor there. I think it would be good for him to come out and say exactly what was going on,” Governor Kemp told Ingraham.

Georgia’s deranged election official Gabriel Sterling cited a so-called “fact check” from the previously unknown—a source that Facebook uses to censor conservatives like President Trump—that quotes some Fulton County officials and the news media claiming everything in the video is perfectly normal.

But officials that oversaw the alleged fraud and their mouthpieces in the media that parrot their propaganda are hardly authoritative sources.

This disturbing video requires a real investigation and audit of every ballot counted at State Farm Arena to weed out any possibly fraudulent votes and to determine if illegal ballots affected the outcome of the election.