Trump Dropped One Truth Bomb On Michelle Obama That No Democrat Wanted to Hear

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The Presidential campaign is in full swing with both candidates trading punches.

An all-out favors Donald Trump

And the Trump campaign proved that Donald Trump dropped one truth bomb on Michelle Obama that no Democrat wanted to hear.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic convention got the most attention.

Her speech had over 7.5 million social media interactions, while Biden’s speech got a mere 1.4 according to the data from NewsWhip.

Not all the attention her speech garnered was positive, many on the right were quick to point out that her blaming Trump for putting children in cages was hypocritical and backfired on her own husband’s administration.

The policy of separating children from their parents started under Obama and was merely continued by the Trump administration.

Yet many on the left found her speech to be inspiring, and Fox News host Tucker Carlson pointed out that the Democrats’ love for Michelle Obama is almost religious.

“You probably still think of the Left as secular but not anymore,” Carlson said. “They are fervent religious fanatics. Michelle Obama is their L. Ron Hubbard. Everything she does is good by definition. She’s the most beautiful, the smartest, the wisest… The speech was ordinary. It was totally pedestrian, like almost everything Michelle Obama says. But you can’t admit that. You’ve got to pretend that she’s Aristotle. That’s the law.”

The Trump campaign called the Democratic convention a “Hollywood-produced infomercial” without actual substance.

The Democratic convention made Democratic voters feel good but was completely without material to back up their claims.

“Perhaps it was just an oversight, but the first night of the Democrat convention left out the fact that Joe Biden would raise taxes on more than 80 percent of Americans by at least $4 trillion. Also missing was his open borders policy, with amnesty and work permits for 11 million illegal aliens,” said Hogan Gidley, the Trump campaign’s national press secretary.

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If Biden is able to carry out his plans, there would huge upheaval in the American economy.

“There was no mention of Joe Biden’s desire to cut police funding, kill ten million energy jobs with a green new deal, or give free healthcare to illegal aliens, but in fairness, it was only the first night. Biden also failed to highlight his opposition to President Trump’s decision to restrict travel from China and Europe, which saved countless American lives. With history as our guide, if Joe Biden had been president, the coronavirus crisis would be dramatically worse,” he continued.

If the Democrats want to win the election, they need to start answering the hard questions, like will Americans see their taxes doubled if Joe Biden becomes president?

Attacking Trump isn’t enough. The Democrats should start serious conversations with voters.