Trey Gowdy Just Revealed Something About Fox News That Took Everyone By Surprise

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Fox News is going through an identity crisis.

Their audience is confused.

And Trey Gowdy just revealed something about Fox News that took everyone by surprise.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Fox News lost 40 percent of its audience after the election.

Trump supporters thought Fox turned against President Trump and looked around for alternatives such as Newsmax or One America News Network.

Fox reacted by making changes to their primetime lineup by demoting “straight news” host Martha MacCallum and replaced her with a new opinion show that would feature a rotating cast of guest hosts trying out for the permanent gig.

The network hoped the audience would see another hour of opinion being added and believe anti-Trump programming would be replaced with pro-Trump opinion programming.

One of those guest hosts was Trey Gowdy.

But if Trump supporters thought putting Trey Gowdy in primetime would lead to more conservative-friendly programming in an effort to win back disaffected Trump voters, they were sorely mistaken.

Instead, Fox retreated back to its pre-Trump pro-establishment roots.

Gowdy interviewed former George W. Bush chief strategist Karl Rove on the split in the GOP between the Trump forces and the establishment as symbolized by the debate on how to handle the fates of Liz Cheney and Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Rove said this debate was for the Republican Party to “figure out what we are for.”

Gowdy bashed the unabashedly pro-Trump Greene as a kook asking Rove how the GOP could keep “the fringes kind of out of the main dining area.”

Rove then parroted a bunch of fake news media talking points slamming Greene for believing in conspiracy theories that she already denounced and smeared Greene as a ridiculous figure.

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“If you believe that the Jews control a space laser that starts fires in northern California and that there’s some unnamed high-ranking government official who’s got a heretofore unknown security classification called Q, and all the nutty things that flow with that, you should be taken off the prestigious House Education and Labor Committee and be confined to the dark recesses of the furthest building away from the House floor, and then let the voters decide in the next election. She is a problem for our party,” Rove stated.

Rove and the establishment-minded executives at Fox want to destroy Greene because they can’t muster up the votes to convict President Trump.

Establishment Republicans can’t take on Donald Trump directly because of his popularity with the GOP base.

But swamp RINOs like Karl Rove, Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger want to exile Trump and his voters from the GOP.

Since they can’t exact their vengeance on Trump, they settled on trying to smear Marjorie Taylor Greene.