Trey Gowdy Had One Message For Nancy Pelosi That Put Jaws On The Ground

“Congressman Trey Gowdy Introduction” by bobbyrettew is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

2020 was a bad year for Nancy Pelosi.

But the worst was yet to come.

And Trey Gowdy had one message for Nancy Pelosi that put jaws on the ground.

As Great American Daily reports:

2020 was not a good year for Nancy Pelosi.

Democrats lost double digit seats in the House when Speaker Pelosi promised gains of up to 20 seats.

Pelosi dug the Democrats an even deeper hole heading into the 2022 midterms by admitting in a press conference that she blocked coronavirus relief for small businesses and families because she thought if President Trump signed a new relief package into law he would win the election.

“That is a total game-changer — a new president and a new vaccine,” Pelosi stated.

Speaker Pelosi doubled down and claimed Joe Biden allegedly won the election so Pelosi felt free to support a “compromise” bill that was less than half of the 2.2 trillion-dollar blue state bailout bill Pelosi stood firm on all summer and fall as “my way or the highway.”

“It’s for a shorter period of time. But that’s okay now, because we have a new president,” Speaker Pelosi added.

Appearing on Fox News Channel, former Congressman Trey Gowdy could not restrain himself when he was asked about Pelosi intentionally inflicting harm upon the American people to try and score points at Donald Trump’s expense.

“It’s one of the dumbest — and also most despicable — things I have ever heard an alleged leader say, that because Joe Biden won, it’s okay to do it, but (not) if Donald Trump had won,” Gowdy stated.

Nearly half of all black-owned small businesses in America closed because of the lockdowns.

The restaurant industry is facing an extinction level event, as according to the National Restaurant Association survey, it showed nearly 100,000 restaurants have closed in the last six months.

Gowdy ripped Pelosi over the “notion that, somehow or another, because her team won in November, that she’s going to do something.”

Former Congressman Gowdy made sure to point out that the fake news media would have flipped their lids had a Republican Speaker of the House casually admitted they caused pain and suffering just to “own the libs.”

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“What’s missing…is if Paul Ryan or John Boehner had said or done what she just said, there would be media outcry,” Gowdy continued.

Gowdy hammered the media for giving Speaker Pelosi a pass for her callous comments that the American people suffering was worth it if she thought it would help her party win an election.

“[W]hat other entity has commented on what the Speaker of the House just said? Because Biden won, we will do it. But while it was Trump, we weren’t going to give him a victory,” Gowdy added.

Pelosi may pay a steep price far sooner than she thinks.

The Americans whose businesses and livelihoods Pelosi sacrificed as acceptable collateral damage to hurt Donald Trump will likely be looking to take out their anger on the Democrats in the 2022 midterm elections.

And that fury could eject Pelosi from the perch of Speaker of the House as furious voters install a new Republican majority.