Trey Gowdy Gave Trump One Message That Left Fox News Viewers Scratching Their Heads

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Donald Trump is in the middle of a tough re-election campaign.

The President is facing a crisis’s on every front.

Trey Gowdy gave Trump one message that left Fox News viewers scratching their heads.

As Great American Daily reports:

Americans were disturbed by the scenes coming out of Seattle where Black Lives Matter protestors took control of a six block area of Seattle and chased police officers out of a precinct.

Under the direction of warlord Raz Simone, the Black Lives Matter protestors established the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.

The Democrat mayor of Seattle and governor of Washington refused to lift a finger to end the occupation with the mayor going so far as to call it a “summer of love.”

This flew in the face of reality where the police chief said it slowed down response time to violent crimes such as rape and murder.

President Trump threatened to send in the military to clean out the Capitol Hill Occupied Zone.

But in an interview with Sean Hannity, former Congressman Trey Gowdy counseled that President Trump should not deploy troops to Seattle to restore order.

“Most crime is state [or] local. The feds don’t get involved in 99 percent of crime. So I think the president should use federal power only if interstate commerce is impacted,” Gowdy stated. “Only if the ability to travel from state to state is impacted. Otherwise, it’s a Washington problem. They can fix it.”

Gowdy then addressed the issue of fake news media bias painting the Black Lives Matter activists as “peaceful” protestors.

The former South Carolina Congressman wondered just how peaceful they could be if police retreated from their precinct.

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“I think that the police in Seattle actually retreated. They surrendered, right? They abandoned …  the police precinct,” Gowdy added. “So if these protesters are really peaceful, I don’t know why the police felt that they were in danger or feared for their safety and had to retreat.”

Gowdy then compared how the fake news media rushed to demonize police and nominate protestors for sainthood despite the fact that many of these demonstrations turned violent and ended with looting and arson.

“The way I look at the world, there are mostly good cops and a few bad,” Gowdy added. “There may be many peaceful protesters, but a few bad. I think we’re better off in society if we individualize it. If you’re going to destroy other people’s property and break laws, then you should be arrested. I don’t care what park you’re in. I don’t care what city you’re in.”

“If you’re a bad cop, you should be prosecuted,” Gowdy concluded. “If you’re a bad protester that breaks the law, you should be prosecuted also.”