Trey Gowdy Gave Donald Trump Some Bad News No One Wanted to Hear

Former South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy is one of Donald Trump’s defenders when he appears on Fox News.

But this time something changed.

And Trey Gowdy gave Donald Trump some bad news no one wanted to hear.

The fake news media worried when Donald Trump began appearing at daily White House coronavirus task force press briefings.

President Trump’s approval ratings rose in the early stages of these televised press conferences as the American people saw the President and his administration were on the ball in handling the coronavirus pandemic.

Fake news reporters – who openly collude with Democrats and the Biden campaign – resolved to destroy the briefings with rude behavior, insulting “gotcha” questions and partisan bickering with the President.

This coordinated strategy succeeded in dragging the President down to the level of arguing with fake news reporters.

The shame of the situation was that the fake news could have asked real questions and provided real information to the American people.

Instead they contributed to fear, hysteria and death by sabotaging the President’s briefings.

The low point came after fake news reporters spread a false story that President Trump claimed in one briefing that the American people should inject Lysol into their lungs to cure the coronavirus.

Appearing on “Fox and Friends,” former South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy offered President Trump some advice.

“This is an unprecedented event in our country, and it’s hard to be a leader, which is why so few people raise their hands and say, ‘I actually want to be the president of the United States,’” Gowdy began.

“My advice to the president is to let the health-care professionals handle explaining our health-care response. He should be the comforter in chief, the encourager in chief, he should mix in hope with the reality of the statistics,” Gowdy added, “but let the health-care professionals handle giving us advice on how we should treat this virus.”

Gowdy acknowledged the fake news smear campaign the President put up with on a daily basis grew tiresome.

But Gowdy said the best way for the President to regain his footing was to let the task force do the talking so the American people could see the clear and identifiable progress being made to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

“It is very frustrating to feel like you’re constantly the object of unfair critique, but it has been that way for four years and I don’t think he needs to punch down the individual reporters during these White House briefings,” Gowdy explained, adding that Trump should “let the doctors handle those questions.”

“Be the President of the United States. That’s an incredible honor very few people will ever have, so don’t punch down the individual reporters, as tempting as it may be,” Gowdy concluded.

The President appeared to take this advice.

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Few Trump critics thought the President could resist staying off TV, but there were no briefings over the weekend or on Tuesday.

In point of fact, many Trump supporters agreed with Gowdy.

The worst of the pandemic passed so there was no longer a need for daily briefings.

Trump supporters argue that instead of giving the fake news media free shots to lie about the President and his administration’s response, the President should appear less frequently and focus on the task of rebuilding the nation’s economy.

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