Trey Gowdy drove the final nail in Joe Biden’s coffin with this wakeup call

Photo by Speaker John Boehner on Flickr

Joe Biden’s family is facing multiple criminal investigations.

Biden’s tried to dismiss the scandal as “Russian disinformation.”

And Trey Gowdy drove the final nail in Joe Biden’s coffin with this wakeup call.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Democrats are running for their lives.

The bad news about the Biden family corruption continues to pour in.

And Trey Gowdy just destroyed Joe Biden over this criminal cover-up that just blew up.

One of the greatest crimes against the American people were tech companies and the fake news media colluding to rig the 2020 election by censoring news about multiple criminal investigations into Hunter and James Biden.

Multiple United States Attorneys’ offices are investigating Hunter Biden for tax evasion, securities fraud and money laundering tied to his foreign business dealings in Ukraine and Communist China.

Biden family whistleblower Tony Bobulinski alleged Joe Biden was involved in these deals which  compromised him and meant that if Biden is President on January 20, Communist China will have a puppet in office they blackmail to do their bidding.

Former South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy savaged the fake news media for hiding these truths from the American people.

Gowdy noted in the run up to the elections Donald Trump’s tax returns leaked to The New York Times.

Reports appeared in the press that Eric and Ivanka Trump would be deposed as part of Democrat attorney general witch hunts into the Trump family business.

Any negative story the Deep State could spin about the Trumps appeared in the press.

But actual criminal allegations about the Bidens selling America out to Communist China and compromising national security remained state secrets.

Gowdy compared that to the treatment of reporters and news outlets that published stories about allegations of criminal activity in the Biden family.

“The social media platforms punish you if you try to disseminate that information,” Gowdy stated.

A former Democrat Party operative-turned-Facebook executive named Andy Stone announced Facebook was suppressing the reach of the New York Post’s story detailing the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

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Twitter went even further and blocked users from tweeting a link to the story and locked the Post out of their Twitter account to punish them for publishing a true story about Joe Biden that revealed damaging information about his family’s corruption.

This was the greatest attack on the First Amendment in American history as for the first time ever the news in America was officially censored.

Gowdy ripped the media cover-up by blasting The New York Times for writing an op-ed comparing Donald Trump to Hitler as why the press wouldn’t touch the Hunter Biden crime story with a ten-foot pole because they were afraid of being accused of hurting Biden.

Papers like the Times now operate on a subscription-based business model.

After the 2016 election many influential figures on the left and rank-and-file Democrats adopted “but her emails!” as a rallying cry to claim the Times put too much emphasis on the FBI’s criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton mishandling classified information.

The Times—and other outlets like the Washington Post—cannot afford to alienate their subscriber base so they buried the Hunter Biden story to avoid similar criticism.