Trey Gowdy Dropped the Hammer on Chuck Schumer and You Won’t Believe What He Said

Trey Gowdy made his name helping to take down Hillary Clinton by exposing her private email server.

Now Gowdy has another Democrat in his sights.

Trey Gowdy dropped the hammer on Chuck Schumer and you won’t believe what he said.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

The federal government’s response to the coronavirus is the top issue on the minds of many Americans.

Early on in the outbreak, Donald Trump took the unprecedented step to restrict travel from China that slowed the spread of the outbreak of the coronavirus in America.

This decision saved lives and bought America time to prepare.

But even that did not buy the President goodwill from his political opponents.

Chuck Schumer savaged the administration’s response to the coronavirus to score political points ahead of the 2020 election.

During a speech on the Senate floor, Schumer falsely claimed that “Here in the United States, the Trump administration has been caught flat-footed. The administration has no plan to deal with the coronavirus, no plan and seemingly no urgency to develop one.”

This is patently not true.

Vice President Mike Pence and the coronavirus task force brief the press every day on new developments in the government’s response.

Trey Gowdy addressed this partisan sniping in an appearance on Fox News and lamented that Democrats could not even unify with President Trump around keeping the American people safe from the outbreak of a mysterious new virus.

“I am the son of a physician and my advice to my fellow citizens would be two-fold: be just as vigilant as you always should be — even during flu season. But, more importantly, this virus does not care what your political ideation is. This virus doesn’t care what your nationality is,” Gowdy began.

“If there’s anything that ought to be unifying in this country, it should be a desire for the world and our country specifically to be safe from this virus,” Gowdy added. “So, it breaks my heart to see it politicized.”

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Gowdy went on to specifically name Schumer as one of the worst offenders of Democrats putting partisanship before patriotism.

“I do think — you know — I think [Mick Mulvaney] the other day told folks to turn off their television for 24 hours and [Senate Minority Leader Chuck] Schumer criticized him for it. I think that Mickey’s point is: there are lots of things to be worried about in the world and when you focus a disproportionate amount of attention on this with the morbidity and mortality rates actually not being any higher than the flu and lower than SARS and MERS, then yes you can create this narrative,” Gowdy explained.

The Democrats’ response to this outbreak has been shameful.

They are taking down the economy and trying to incite panic to trigger a recession that they believe will sweep them in to power in November much like the financial crisis in 2008 boosted Barack Obama over the finish line.

American Patriot Daily will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.