This War Hero Had a Reality Check For Joe Biden That No One Saw Coming

Former Vice President Joe Biden just got some really bad news.

Biden’s central campaign message just collapsed.

Biden’s world came crashing down because this war hero had a reality check for Joe Biden that no one saw coming.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

“It’s hard to believe this has to be said, but if I’m elected president, I will always lead the way with science. I will listen to the experts and heed their advice. I will do the opposite of what we’re seeing Donald Trump do every day,” Biden wrote.

Texas Congressman and former Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw – who lost an eye during a tour of duty in Afghanistan – heard enough.

Crenshaw slammed Biden for being a hypocrite.

Biden spent weeks opposing Trump’s travel ban on flights from China – which all the experts including Dr. Fauci supported – as xenophobic.

Crenshaw noted that it was Trump that listened to the scientists while Biden rejected their advice and it was Biden that put American lives at risk.

“You also stated as recently as last week that restricting travel from China was a bad idea. Scientists disagree with you. Experts agree it saved lives.” Crenshaw wrote. “If you were president, we would be in a much worse position to combat coronavirus than we are today.”

Biden also tried to rip the President after millions of Americans applied for unemployment after government lockdowns shut off the economy because President Trump didn’t prepare the country for the pandemic.

“The harsh reality is that at least 3 million people now don’t have jobs because our president didn’t do his job when it mattered,” Biden falsely claimed.

Biden then cited countries like South Korea for how well they supposedly handled the outbreak.

“Nearly every country is facing this pandemic — but not every country has responded the same way,” Biden ranted. “South Korea, among other steps, deployed intensive testing and contact-tracing measures to slow and control the spread of the virus. Donald Trump didn’t do that. He didn’t get ahead of it when he had the chance. And in the absence of an early, aggressive response to flatten the curve, cities and states have been left with no option other than extreme social distancing measures, causing businesses to close and lay off workers.”

This drew out Crenshaw again.

Crenshaw noted that the President followed the advice of the scientists in issuing the shutdown recommendations and it was Democrats that held up legislation designed to minimize job losses.“First of all, we deliberately stopped the economy. Then, Pelosi and Schumer held America hostage to fulfill a progressive wishlist of totally unrelated issues.  Millions of jobs were lost and Americans were left in limbo while they played politics. Stop lying [Joe Biden],” Crenshaw exclaimed.

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Biden was also wrong.

The former Vice President praised South Korea and now South Korea is seeing a resurgence in cases while the United States outbreak is falling far short of the doomsday predictions.

Biden’s response to the coronavirus outbreak has been a disaster.

In trying to attack the President, Biden’s offered lies, recycled proposals to do things President Trump is already doing and general incoherence.

Republicans like Congressman Crenshaw have heard enough and are calling Biden out.

American Patriot Daily will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.