This Undercover Video Showed Hidden Ballots Being Counted In One Democrat Stronghold

Photo by GPA Photo Archive on Flickr

President Trump’s campaign unearthed the proof they say they needed about voter fraud.

Americans couldn’t believe what they were watching.

And this undercover video showed hidden ballots being counted in one Democrat stronghold.

President Trump’s legal team showed a video from surveillance cameras that they say shows fraud.

The alleged happened at 10:30 p.m. at State Farm Arena and could involve thousands of votes.

Jacki Pick, a volunteer for Trump’s lawyers, and the witnesses who submitted affidavits claimed that a poll told everyone to go home.

However, Pick said, “four people stay behind and continue counting and tabulating well into the night,” including the woman with blonde braids, continuing to count votes, based on the surveillance footage.

“The Republican observers said they were the last people to leave State Farm Arena, along with the Fox News crew, excepting those four people,” Pick continued.

Those four people “pull ballots out from underneath a table” and counted ballots alone until 1:00.

The numbers of ballots counted according to Pick “is beyond the margin of victory,” which is allegedly fewer than 13,000 votes in the state of Georgia.

Gabriel Sterling, Georgia’s voting system implementation manager, said that the room wasn’t cleared, it was merely people going home.

“We’ve had our investigators watch all, many, several hours of it yesterday and what essentially happened is, and we knew about part of this on election night itself, around 10:15-10:20, there’s two groups of people in this room that are working,” Sterling stated. “There are cutters, the people who are opening the envelopes, and there’s the ones who are scanning.”

However, the video seems to also show the poll watchers and the media leaving.

Why would poll watchers leave if votes were still being counted?

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Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp called for a signature audit of Georgia’s election results after seeing the video.

Kemp said to Fox News on Thursday that the video was “concerning,” adding, “We’re working right now, and hopefully the secretary of state will update us on exactly what was going on.”

“I’ve heard they had a monitor there,” he continued. “I think it’d be good for him to come out and say exactly what was going on. … We need to get answers from the secretary of state on exactly what happened. Obviously, they should be investigating this. I would imagine they already are.”

The Trump campaign has filed a new lawsuit in Georgia and are asking, due to the new evidence, to invalidate the results of the presidential election in Georgia and either hold another presidential election in the state or allow state lawmakers to choose the state’s electors.

(h/t American Patriot Daily)