This Jaw Dropping New Poll is the Bad News that Could end Joe Biden’s Campaign

Joe Biden thought he had a cake walk to the White House.

But the Ukraine scandal and his declining mental state are taking its toll on his front-runner status.

And now this jaw dropping new poll is the bad news that could end Joe Biden’s campaign.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

There may be no front-runner for President as weak as Joe Biden.

After multiple attempts at the presidency, he was hoping that 2020 would be different.

Being Barack Obama’s Vice President was supposed to make him unstoppable.

But as it turns out, it is turning into more of a crutch for him, considering the fact that Obama refuses to endorse him, and that he has met with many of his main competitors.

And on top of that, he is facing scandal after scandal.

Most of his scandals aren’t even from his past, like they usually are.

Joe Biden continually makes insane statements that cast doubt on his mental health.

At one point, he embarrassed himself in front of the nation while answering a question about slavery, which eventually ended with him talking about how children should go to bed with a “record player” playing in the background.

And he has also found himself in hot water by praising segregationist senators.

But there is no scandal more destructive for him than the ones emerging due to his son, Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden is political poison for Biden.

On top of his drug and alcohol problems, he has a history of shady business deals which implicate his father.

In one such deal in China, then-Vice President Biden flew his son to China on Air Force Two, at taxpayer expense, only for Hunter Biden to secure a billion dollar deal in China just days after leaving.

And similar occurrences took place around the world, including in Ukraine, which the media was forced to shine a light on in an attempt to smear President Trump.

After an anonymous “whistleblower” claimed that Trump threatened Ukrainian leaders, demanding they look into Hunter Biden and his father, the media lost their minds.

Nancy Pelosi is setting up dates to discuss impeachment over it, and fake news networks like CNN can’t stop talking about it.

But the claims fall apart under the slightest scrutiny.

Trump vehemently denies the claims, and points out that any “whistleblower” would not have direct knowledge of the call to begin with.

And Ukraine has come out to state that the call was “nice,” and that they never felt any pressure to do anything.

So now the spotlight is on Biden, and the latest polls show that is hurting him.

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A new Capitol Weekly Tracking Poll in California shows that Biden is way behind in the polls.

In fact, he is down to third place in the heavily Democrat state.

Elizbeth Warren comes in at first, with 29% of the vote, with Bernie Sanders in second with 21%.

Joe Biden is all the way down in third place with 18%.

These polls seem to be showing the way Democrats are going.

Biden is losing badly, and his campaign will almost certainly fall apart any day now.

Do you think Joe Biden would lose against President Trump?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.