This Fox News Host Just Told a Lie About Trump That Will Change Everything

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Donald Trump was blindsided.

The President is fighting for his political life and now he’s facing attacks from Fox News.

Now this Fox News host just told a lie about Trump that will change everything.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Democrats are trying to use the coronavirus pandemic to impose a dangerous so-called “universal vote-by-mail” scheme that President Trump believes will lead to widespread voter fraud.

The fake news media claims this is a lie.

And joining the parade smearing the President for pointing out the risks involved with a vote-by-mail scheme was Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace.

Wallace claimed the instances of voter fraud were rare which undercut the President’s claims.

“They were two points I’d think about that. One, I have considered a lot of other groups; there just isn’t a history of fraud with mail-in voting—fewer than 1,000 cases since 2000 with billions of votes cast. So I think it is for 500 cases and all of them very minor and the fraud doesn’t particularly advantage one party or the other,” Wallace began.

Wallace also claimed that because Utah went to vote-by-mail and Republicans won, universal vote-by-mail did not advantage one party or the other.

“You see, in some cases, Utah couldn’t be a more red state has all mail-in voting, and it doesn’t seem when you vote that it does for one party over the other, and it doesn’t seem to be fraud in one direction or the other,” Wallace added.

This second point – of course – is nonsense.

Democrats would not support universal mail-in voting so strongly if it was of no benefit to them.

Wallace’s dubious claims came on the same day Attorney General Barr said in an interview with NPR that he could not vouch for the integrity of an election conducted entirely by mail-in voting.

“I’m talking about a comprehensive rule where all the ballots are essentially mail-in, and there’s so many occasions for fraud there that cannot be policed,” Barr began.

Attorney General Barr raised the specter of foreign adversaries like China or Iran exploiting mail-in voting by raising questions about the legitimacy of mail-in voting because these elections take weeks to count the votes.

“I have specific reason to believe that there are a number of foreign countries that do want to sow discord in the United States by undermining confidence in the results of the election. And I think if we do adopt programs of mail-in, that will be an area which they will exploit,” Barr added.

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NPR host Steve Inskeep asked the Attorney General if Americans could have faith that an election conducted through vote-by-mail could be secure and legitimate.

Barr responded that an election run mostly through mail-in vote could not be trusted to be on the level.

“Personally, no,” Attorney General Barr responded.

There are real-world examples that undercut the fake news media claims that mail-in voting is harmless.

In Paterson, New Jersey, four individuals – including a city councilman and a city councilman-elect – face voter fraud charges in an election where nearly one out of every five votes cast were deemed fraudulent.

Paterson is New Jersey’s fifth-largest city and the President is warning that this type of alleged voter fraud could spread nation-wide if the Democrats get their way.