There Could Be a Supreme Court Vacancy For This Mind Blowing Reason

The spread of the Chinese coronavirus is already causing chaos in American life.

And now the 2020 election could face another major curve ball.

That’s because  there could be a Supreme Court vacancy for this mind blowing reason.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Chief Justice John Roberts is presiding over Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

Roberts is using this opportunity to try and live up to his famous line from his confirmation hearings where Roberts claimed to be an umpire who just called balls and strikes as opposed to a player on the field.

Conservatives realized Roberts lied when in the 2012 Obamacare case Roberts took it upon himself to rewrite the plain meaning of the Obamacare text to claim the individual mandate was a tax and not a penalty in order to save the law from being struck down.

Unfortunately, in the impeachment trial Roberts is once again proving he is a Democrat Party sleeper cell agent and not an unbiased judge that applies his rulings in an evenhanded manner in accordance with the rule of law.

On the first day of Senators being able to ask questions of the President’s counsel and Democrat Party House Impeachment Managers, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul tried to ask a question about Adam Schiff’s collusion with alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella.

Roberts refused to read the question because it contained  Ciaramella‘s name.

On the second day, Paul again submitted a question asking Schiff to explain his knowledge about a bombshell report that Ciaramella and current House Intelligence Committee staffer Shawn Misko openly bragged about scheming to take down President Trump at a 2017 National Security Council meeting when Misko and Ciaramella served on that body.

Once again, Roberts rejected reading the question.

Senator Paul then staged a press conference where he read his question out loud and on camera so it could be entered into the public record.

Senator Paul’s question asked:

To the Manager Schiff and counsel for the President:

Manager Schiff and Counsel for the President, are you aware that House Intelligence Committee staffer Shawn Misko had a close relationship with Eric Ciaramella when at the National Security Council together, and are you aware and how do you respond to reports that Ciaramella and Misko may have worked together to plot impeaching the President before there were formal House impeachment proceedings?”

There was no law, evidentiary standard or trial procedure that prevented Roberts from reading a question containing Ciaramella‘s name.

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Roberts censored Paul’s question to help Democrats cover up the fact that Ciaramella  is a partisan political assassin who colluded with Adam Schiff to try and bring down the President of the United States.

Senator Paul said he did know the name of the whistleblower and that his question has nothing to do with determining the identity of the whistleblower.

The only reason for Roberts refusing to read the question is because Roberts knows Ciaramella is the whistleblower and is working with Adam Schiff to conceal Ciaramella’s involvement in this scheme to impeach President Trump.

Chief Justice Roberts acting as a member of the House Impeachment Managers prosecution team led many conservatives to demand that Roberts be the one facing impeachment.

Sean Davis – the co-founder of “The Federalist” tweeted, Given Chief Justice John Roberts’ censorship of a senator in the discharge of the senator’s duties, the following question must now be posed on the floor: In the event a chief justice were impeached for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, who would preside over his trial?

American Patriot Daily will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.