The Video Joe Biden Doesn’t Want You to See Just Went Viral

All the pundits and so-called “experts” believe Joe Biden will be the Democrat Party nominee for President.

But those predictions are in trouble.

That’s because this video Joe Biden doesn’t want you to see just went viral.

If Joe Biden thinks he can defeat Donald Trump in a general election, he’s sorely mistaken.

“Sleepy” Joe has made a number of embarrassing gaffes over the years that will haunt him, and he’s made even more in the two most recent Democrat primary debates.

But one video might’ve put the nail in the coffin of his political career.

The night of the second debate in Detroit, conservative group Campus Reform spoke to Democrat voters asking them to name one single Biden achievement.

The responses were both comical and illuminating.

None of the respondents could name a single accomplishment in Biden’s political career:

In over 40 years of office, Biden hasn’t done much to speak of.

Even worse, many in his party don’t even want him.

The split within the Democrat Party has created a faction that believes the party cannot nominate an old, straight white male.

The one “achievement” Biden and his dwindling supporters can point to is his tenure as Barack Obama’s Vice President.

And Obama won’t even endorse him despite several pleas.

Perhaps Obama still holds a grudge from Biden’s failed 2008 campaign when he said Obama was the first “clean” and “articulate” black candidate to run for President.

The so-called mainstream media spent eight years fawning over Obama, papering over all his scandals and controversies.

Biden got to bask in that media glow, but now the far-left Democrats are running away from Obama’s record.

Obama shockingly wasn’t far-left enough for them, and by proxy, Biden isn’t far-left enough either.

Biden has tried to save his hide by running to the radical left.

He switched his position on the Hyde Amendment, which barred the government from funding abortions.

Biden also tried to jump on the left’s climate change hysteria.

He did so by plagiarizing talking points from a climate change website, a throwback to his tactics of 1988 when his maiden presidential campaign ended in disgrace.

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Biden is clearly past his prime.

Trump’s nickname for him is apt because Biden certainly looked sleepy and doddering during the debates.

No matter how hard the liberal media tries to prop up Biden, the chances he holds up against Trump, assuming he even gets the Democrat nomination, are slim.

Biden is attempting to beat back senility as he slurs his words, misidentifies cities, and mixes up statistics.

He even referred to outgoing British Prime Minister Theresa May as the late Margaret Thatcher.

CNN and MSNBC will continue to push Biden as a huge threat to Trump, but as this video shows, he has no memorable accomplishments and Democrats are running away from Obama.

If Biden thinks he’s going to go toe-to-toe with Trump in a general election with the same wheezy performances he’s exhibited thus far, he’s completely lost it.

(h/t Liberal Propaganda Exposed)