The Supreme Court Is About To Look Very Different After This Big Change

Image by skeeze with Pixabay.

Rumors are flying around the Supreme Court for months.

With the election coming up this will sure to be a major issue.

And the Supreme Court is about to look very different after this big change.

As Conservative Revival reports:

Most voters’ attention is focused on the Presidential Election.

But control of the United States Senate is also at stake.

Democrats need to flip at least three Senate seats to control a majority if Joe Biden wins the Presidency.

Right now polls show that is a possibility.

In an interview with center-right talk show host Hugh Hewitt, Florida Senator Rick Scott –who signed massive gun control into law as Governor of Florida – warned that if the Democrats won the White House and the Senate they would do away with the legislative filibuster and ram though their socialist agenda on party line votes and deny the Republicans any chance to block their radical schemes using the 60 vote threshold to open and close debate.

“Chris Coons led the effort to keep it when Trump got elected, right?” Scott told Hewitt. “And now, he’s leading the effort to get rid of it if Biden gets elected. I mean, how disingenuous that somebody would do that, take this position if this person is the president, this position if this person is president. However, I’ve been there for 18 months. It’s really consistent. The Democrats do it every day. So yeah, do I believe they’ll get rid of it? Yeah. They’ll do that.”

Scott warned that the first thing Democrats would do is pack the Supreme Court with additional left-wing justices to ensure conservatives never won another Supreme Court case again.

“They’ll try to stack the Supreme Court. They’ll do everything they can to make sure they have power forever,” Scott explained. “That’s all they care. They don’t care about you. They don’t care about making your life better. They care about their power. That’s what they care about every day. The Democrats, all they care about is power.”

During the Presidential campaign former South Bend Mayor Buttigieg suggested adding up to six new left-wing Supreme Court justices to create a permanent 10 to 5 liberal majority on the court.

Democrats know that Joe Biden is in severe mental decline and may even be in the early stages of dementia.

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Socialists like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rallied around Biden so quickly because they know Biden would serve as nothing more than a figure head President.

Biden rarely knows what state he is in when he is campaigning so radical leftists figure it would be no trouble to pack the Supreme Court with socialists and Marxists because Biden’s staff – which will be populated with hardcore left-wing and anti-American ideologues  – is running the show.

If Democrats pack the Supreme Court any restriction on abortion or immigration will be eliminated.

The Second Amendment will be gutted and virtually eliminated allowing for mass scale gun confiscation.

And religious liberty will be eliminated as blue state governors that already closed churches during the coronavirus pandemic will feel emboldened to take even more extreme steps to curtail religious practice and punish Christians that vote Republican.