The Supreme Court is About to Give Trump One Win That Has Chuck Schumer Seeing Red

The Supreme Court figures to be a major battleground in the 2020 election.

Justices heard arguments on politically charged cases that throw the Presidential contest into chaos.

And it looks like the Supreme Court is about to give Trump one win that has Chuck Schumer seeing red.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Even in the midst of a false impeachment hearing, Donald Trump is still fighting to Make America Great Again.

No matter what the left has thrown at him, he hasn’t given up on the promises he made when he took office.

And now, it seems that President Donald Trump just won one Supreme Court battle against illegal immigration.

This past Tuesday, members of the Supreme Court gathered to rule on the Trump Administration’s plan to shut down the DACA program, which had allowed over 800,000 underage illegal immigrants to remain in the US.

DACA has allowed illegal immigrants to remain here if they were under 16 at the time their parents brought them to the US. They can then reapply every two years to remain under the protection of this act.

Despite rallies from the left taking place outside the hearing, the courts listened to over an hour and a half of facts and arguments against this Obama-era policy.

The five conservative judges, including Trump-appointed Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch, agreed with the point that the Department of Homeland Security had ordered the program to shut down back in 2017.

There are those who argue to keep DACA, stating that the government has to have significant reason to take away a program that affects thousands of people and their employers.

But these people are not American citizens. They illegally entered the country, rather than go through due process to become an American citizen.

The Supreme Court’s four liberal judges are fighting for the program to remain, stating that it cannot be shut down simply because the Department of Justice has deemed the program illegal.

But that is exactly why the program must be shut down.

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By continuing the DACA program, it entices more and more immigrants to sneak into the country illegally and without documentation, avoiding the legal processes and procedures that many who wish to come to this country go through.

However, other departments, such as the US Chamber of Commerce, are urging the Supreme Court to allow DACA to continue, stating that many large companies vital to this economy rely on employees protected under the DACA program.

But with the majority vote in the Supreme Court leaning towards conservatives, it seems like this program will not last for much longer, granting President Trump another victory towards ending illegal immigration.

One of President Trump’s biggest campaign promises was to crack down on illegal immigration when he took office, and he has kept that promise time and time again.

And with the shutdown of DACA, it will allow more time, effort, and resources to be devoted to allowing immigrants to enter the country legally and with proper documentation.