The Supreme Court Handed Trump the Victory That Had Nancy Pelosi Seeing Red

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats bet their entire 2020 strategy on impeachment.

But now the chickens are coming home to roost.

And the Supreme Court handed Trump the victory that had Nancy Pelosi seeing red.

As Great American Daily reports:

One of the first investigations the Democrats launched upon assuming the majority in the House of Representatives was a fishing expedition into Donald Trump’s finances.

Despite the fake news hysteria, the practice of candidates regularly releasing their tax returns only extended back to 1976.

Donald Trump did not release the supposedly “customary” ten years’ worth of tax returns because Trump said he was under audit.

There is no legal requirement for a presidential candidate to release tax returns in order to appear on the ballot or be eligible to serve as president.

If the American people find it alarming that a candidate chooses not to make their tax returns public, they are free to vote against that candidate.

As part of the Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal made questionable use of an obscure 1920s law to request the IRS hand over eight years’ worth of the President’s tax returns.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin blocked the demand citing a lack of legitimate legislative purpose.

Congressional Democrats responded with a subpoena.

The President’s lawyers sued to block a Democrat House Committee subpoena to get their hands on the President’s tax returns.

Two lower courts stacked with Obama activists dressed up in judge’s robes agreed and threw out the President’s legal challenge.

But their luck ran out at the Supreme Court.

Chief Justice John Roberts issued an indefinite stay that could delay the case for months as the Supreme Court Justices decide how to deal with this case.

The President’s legal challenge raises major constitutional questions about separation of powers, Congress’s oversight authority and the President’s right to keep his financial matters private.

Chief Justice Roberts’ indefinite stay threw sand in the gears of the Democrats’ anti-Trump witch hunt.

Democrats schemed to weaponize the President’s tax returns on multiple fronts.

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Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters and Jerry Nadler planned to stoke a conspiracy theory in the media about the tax returns hiding evidence of money laundering or other financial fraud.

Waters and Nadler know fake news reporters are gullible Trump-haters that will print any negative story about the President without checking to see if it’s accurate.

Democrats know they can count on the fake news media to respond on command and publish a bunch of stories based on nothing more than baseless speculation about possible criminal activities on the part of the President regardless of the truth of the matter.

Even though the allegations of criminal activity will go bust under examination, Democrats hope there are politically embarrassing nuggets contained such as the deductions President Trump lawfully took in order to minimize his tax liability.

But Chief Justice Roberts’ stay thwarted these plans for the time being.

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