The Reaction to This Viral Photo Told Joe Biden He Was Living One Big Lie

Democrats believe Joe Biden is their strongest candidate to take on Donald Trump.

But now all hell is breaking loose.

And that’s because the reaction to this viral photo told Joe Biden he was living one big lie.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has held a steady lead in the national polls since he entered the race.

However the primary is not dictated by a national popular vote.

Individual states stage primaries and caucuses to determine the delegates that elect the eventual nominee at the national convention next summer.

And in the first two states of Iowa and New Hampshire, Biden is struggling.

Bill Clinton is the only candidate to win a party nomination after losing the first two states.

Biden and his campaign believe if they can finish in the top three in Iowa and New Hampshire they will be in a strong position to win the nomination because Biden currently holds strong leads in the next two states of Nevada and South Carolina.

However, the central message of Joe Biden’s campaign is “electability” and that was thrown into major doubt with the publication of one photo.

On Christmas Day, Biden tweeted out a photograph of his family wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

That seemed innocent enough upon first glance.

However, Americans quickly noticed one member of the Biden family was missing.

Hunter Biden was nowhere to be found in the family portrait.

And Hunter Biden’s absence stuck out like a sore thumb.

Hunter Biden’s constant drug, sex and corruption scandals are the soft underbelly of the Biden campaign.

Hunter Biden’s spent a lifetime engaged in shady conduct that culminated with taking a job on the board of directors of the corrupt Ukrainian energy company Burisma for a reported $83,000 per month.

When the impeachment hoax first gained steam, Hunter Biden sat for a friendly interview with fake news ABC.

After Donald Trump released the transcript of his call with the Ukrainian President that largely debunked the phony whistleblower complaint, Americans began to closely examine Hunter Biden joining the board of a corrupt Ukrainian energy company.

But even sitting for a chat where a friendly anchor lobbed softball after softball at Hunter Biden caused Biden to melt under the spotlight.

Biden admitted the only reason he got the job was because of his father’s last name raising the possibility of a pay-to-play scandal.

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Those were just the beginning of Hunter Biden’s troubles.

A report surfaced that in 2016, Hunter Biden allegedly returned a rental car with a crack pipe in the gas tank.

An Arkansas woman claimed Hunter Biden fathered a child with her at the same time Hunter Biden was dating his brother’s widow.

Finally, allegations surfaced that Hunter Biden smoked crack at the VIP room of a strip club.

Given the ever-escalating scandals surrounding Hunter Biden, it is no surprise the Biden family tried to make the American people forget about him by excluding him from their Christmas family photo.

But Biden’s absence from the picture only called attention to why Biden wouldn’t want the scandal-plagued Hunter Biden front and center as the Presidential campaign heats up.

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