The Biggest Fraud Scandal of 2020

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Illegal votes have put Joe Biden in the lead of the 2020 Election.

And Tucker Carlson is calling out the biggest fraud scandal of 2020.

Tucker Carlson wants you to look at everything surrounding the 2020 election.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Tucker Carlson looked at the big picture of the 2020 election.

In a must-see monologue that detailed the various claims of fraud the President’s campaign alleged, Carlson also detailed how major American institutions conspired to perpetrate a fraud on the American people by employing their power centers to rig the election in favor of Joe Biden.

And one of the main conspirators in the plot to subvert American democracy was social media companies.

Platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter are the new public square where Americans gather to get their news and find out for themselves what the candidates stand for.

But in this election, the tech monopolies pressed their thumbs down on the scale in favor of Joe Biden.

Carlson explained that Facebook banned a group that supported President Trump from buying ads on the platform.

“In August, Facebook banned the pro-Trump super PAC committee To Defend the President from buying any campaign advertising. What? What election has that happened in? None,” Carlson stated.

The most famous example of Big Tech censorship came in October when the New York Post published a bombshell story alleging that the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop contained evidence Joe Biden was involved in a corrupt influence-peddling scheme.

Twitter blocked users from tweeting the story and locked the New York Post out of its Twitter account.

A former Democratic operative who now serves as a top Facebook executive bragged about how Facebook censored the story.

“Facebook, in turn, limited the distribution of this article, and Twitter blocked people from posting it. In other words, they censored it. They kept people from knowing about it, and on what basis? Nothing in those articles was untrue, but they censored it anyway, along with any content that was critical of lockdowns and mandatory mask-wearing. Why? Because Biden supported those,” Carlson added.

Google also got into the act.

Carlson quoted a story from Breitbart about the site discovering that Google suppressed all search traffic to Breitbart about Joe Biden to prevent users from finding negative stories about Joe Biden.

“Clicks and impressions to Breitbart News from ‘Joe Biden’ Google searches displayed a healthy pattern of activity in the middle of 2020 when they suddenly flatlined … the plunge first occurred after a major update to Google’s search algorithm in May 2020,” Breitbart reported.

President Trump’s claims of voter fraud will be litigated in court.

The American people will receive their answer on the merits of those legal challenges.

But what is not up for dispute is the fact that tech companies actively meddled in the election by suppressing negative stories about Joe Biden and censoring the ability of the President and his allies to speak.