Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s Health is Having Everyone Ask One Big Question

Ruth Bader Ginsberg is the leader of the Supreme Court’s liberal bloc.

But Ginsberg was confirmed in 1993 and there are whispers about her future on the court.

Now Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s health is having everyone ask one big question.

And you won’t believe who is about to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court.

In 2016, Donald Trump helped clinch the Republican nomination for President by convincing conservatives that he was committed to the cause by releasing a list of judges that Trump would pick from to sit on the Supreme Court.

This list became a key campaign talking point after the tragic death of Justice Antonin Scalia.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell observed the Biden rule and held the seat open, letting the American people decide who would pick Scalia’s successor.

That gamble paid off when voters that listed the Supreme Court as their top issue voted for Trump over Hillary Clinton by a 56 percent to 41 percent margin.

Democrats seethed over McConnell using former Vice President Joe Biden’s standard on Supreme Court nomination in an election year and resolved to train their voters to match Republican turnout enthusiasm on the issue of judicial nominations.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is having his “moment” in the 2020 primary.

Polls show Sanders leading or near the top in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Sanders – who took Hillary Clinton to the limit in 2016 – is now positioned to forge a legitimate path to the Democrat Party nomination.

In order to choke off liberal support for Elizabeth Warren and fully consolidate the Democrat Party left-wing grassroots, Sanders resorted to the Donald Trump playbook.

Sanders told the New York Times editorial board in an exclusive interview that if he wins the nomination Sanders will release a short list of potential Supreme Court nominees.

The New York Times exclusively reported:

Senator Bernie Sanders said in an interview that he would consider releasing a list of potential Supreme Court appointees he would name if elected president, and noted that his wife, Jane, also believes he should offer a roster of jurists in the way President Trump did during his 2016 campaign.

Mr. Sanders suggested that it was premature right now to unveil the names of his prospects for the nation’s highest court — “got to kind of win the nomination first,” he said — but he warmed to the idea in an interview with the editorial board of The New York Times.

“It’s not a bad idea,” Mr. Sanders said, noting that his wife, perhaps his most influential adviser, supported it. “It’s a reasonable idea. My wife agrees with you. Yeah. I’ll take that into consideration.”

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The 2020 election is expected to settle who will replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Ginsburg dealt with four bouts of pancreatic and lung cancer and can barely perform her duties as a Supreme Court justice.

But everyone in Washington believes Ginsburg is hanging on in hopes a Democrat wins in 2020 so Ginsburg can retire with full confidence an extreme leftist will replace her.

Sanders is hoping that if he wins the nomination the prospect of Democrat voters knowing full well who Sanders will appoint to the Supreme Court will inspire the enthusiasm and turnout levels Donald Trump saw when Trump released his list of potential Supreme Court nominees.

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