Rush Limbaugh Told a Shocking Truth That Sent Democrats Running For Their Lives

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats had no idea what just hit them.

They thought they had President Trump on the ropes.

Rush Limbaugh told a shocking truth that sent Democrats running for their lives.

Nancy Pelosi was faced with a choice.

Pelosi could renounce Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her radical allies in “The Squad” after Donald Trump attacked them for their anti-American views or Pelosi could close ranks around four of the most unpopular and controversial members of Congress.

The President’s attacks came after days of bickering between Pelosi and the freshmen lawmakers.

Pelosi tried to minimize Ocasio-Cortez and her comrades’ power in the House and Ocasio-Cortez responded by calling Speaker Pelosi a racist.

Given the options in front of her, Pelosi chose party unity.

Not only did Pelosi lend her support to the radical freshmen Democrats, but she even allowed a vote on a resolution falsely claiming the President’s attacks were “racist.”

Rush Limbaugh took stock of this situation on a recent broadcast and revealed that Pelosi stumbled into a colossal blunder.

By siding with Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley, Pelosi cemented these four anti-American, socialist radicals as the face of the Democrat Party.

Limbaugh played a clip of CBS White House correspondent Major Garrett telling viewers that President Trump drew the four Democrats out into a fight and Limbaugh said this was Garrett warning Democrats about the dangerous path they were on.

Limbaugh explained:

You know the drill. What in fact he was doing was telling the American people who these four are ’cause the media isn’t gonna do it. He’s insulting them and drawing them out, making them respond. Then they start attacking Pelosi. Pelosi and Biden are racists, according to them. Trump is a racist. Everybody’s a racist. All you have to do to be one is disagree with them.

So Trump succeeds in creating the face of the Democrat Party in the image of these four women, these four freshmen. And they’re starting to get it at CBS. The question to Major Garrett: “The president seems intent to making them as well-known as possible. Could this be –” there’s panic here, by the way, with this question. Could this be, oh, my God. We’re just figuring this out. “Could this be a 2020 strategy?”

The Democrats are involved in a messy primary where no one candidate broke out of the pack to establish themselves as the clear frontrunner.

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That position belonged to Joe Biden but a disastrous first debate performance crushed his aura of inevitability.

While 24 Democrats bloody each other’s noses in a bitter primary fight, Donald Trump is free to define the Democrat Party by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow extremists.

Once the Democrats settle on a nominee they will be forced to weigh in on this fight and they will have no choice but to wed themselves to Ocasio-Cortez and anti-American allies.

And as Rush Limbaugh points out, this could be Donald Trump’s strategy all along.

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