Rush Limbaugh Stunned His Audience with This Prediction About Who Will Beat Trump

Donald Trump and his team feel confident about victory in 2020.

But that may not be the case.

And Rush Limbaugh stunned his audience with this prediction about who will beat Trump.

The Democrats and their allies in the fake and corrupt news media are trying to claim they are running an impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump.

That is a lie.

There has been no formal vote taken on impeachment.

But that hasn’t stopped the fake and corrupt news media from getting swept up in the impeachment fervor.

Fake news CNN has been out in front of this story from day one.

Back in 2017, The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway overheard CNN President Jeff Zucker blabbering on a phone call that CNN would declare “war” on President Trump.

And for the last nearly three years CNN promoted lies, hoaxes, and fake news to make good on Zucker’s promise.

But now that the rubber is about the meet the road on impeachment, one of CNN’s most prominent on-air contributors is pumping the breaks on impeachment.

And the reason will shock you.

Never Trump RINO former Ohio Governor John Kasich has appeared on CNN multiple times since Nancy Pelosi announced the fake impeachment inquiry.

Each time Kasich told stunned CNN hosts that what was in the transcript of a July 25 call between Donald Trump and the Ukrainian President did not rise to the level of an impeachable offense.

CNN viewers were stunned.

The few Americans that willingly tune in to CNN expect commentators and hosts shouting mindless anti-Trump slogans and to stick to the script.

But Rush Limbaugh had an idea as to why Kasich refused to call for Trump’s impeachment on CNN’s air.

Limbaugh explained to his audience:

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Now, why would or would not be saying this? Why would he be trying to put the brakes on? Why would he, in his own way, be trying to keep his gig at CNN while telling them they’re making a big mistake? Kasich is walking a tightrope here. He’s basically asking them to come to the conclusion themselves that this is not gonna work. “Is this the most effective way? You guys realize that when this gets to the Senate it’s gonna die, that Trump’s gonna be acquitted?

“What good is impeaching him if he is declared not guilty? Have you guys thought about that?” Yes, they have. That’s why this is not a formal inquiry! This is why this is not impeachment! It isn’t impeachment! They’re just calling it that. Kasich is saying, “You know what? Wouldn’t it be better just to beat the guy? Wouldn’t it be just easier beat the guy in an election? Why are we doing all this?” We’ll see if he gets invited back after this. This is two.

Limbaugh revealed that both Kasich and RINO traitor Senator Mitt Romney desire to mount a primary challenge to Donald Trump next year.

“Apparently, folks, the reason why Kasich and some of these other people are now beginning to question impeachment is they want to primary Trump… Now, Romney has decided to do it himself, instead of back Bill Weld. ‘Romney has been calling conservative donors asking about a potential 2020 primary run against Trump.’ So right now, we have Romney and Kasich dreaming of primarying Trump,” Limbaugh concluded.

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