Rush Limbaugh Stunned Donald Trump Into Silence with This One Truth

Donald Trump and his campaign team thought they had the path to victory in 2020 all figured.

But then everything changed.

And that’s because Rush Limbaugh stunned Donald Trump into silence with this one truth.

In the elections in 2017, 2018 and 2019, Democrats made big gains in suburban areas that formerly voted Republican.

Voters in Republican strongholds that supported the Second Amendment, low taxes and defending the unborn were overrun by an influx of leftist invaders.

Democrats won the Virginia governorship in 2017, control of the House of Representatives in 2018 and seized power in both chambers of the Virginia legislature in 2019, thanks to a blue wave in the formerly Republican suburbs.

Never Trumpers, Democrats and fake news reporters claim this is because formerly center right voters despise Donald Trump and conservatism and allege that the only way for Republicans to compete in the suburbs is embrace gun grabs, abortion on demand, amnesty for illegal aliens and open borders.

Rush Limbaugh has a different explanation as to why the formerly red suburbs turned blue.

Limbaugh claims it is due to the fake news media and academia brainwashing voters.

“The two most influential institutions that shape public opinion are education and the media. And it’s not an accident that white college educated Millennials and people into their forties are shifting left. That’s all they’ve been taught when they’ve gone away to school. Even in high school, that’s what they were taught. They grew up watching cartoon shows about how evil American corporations are,” Limbaugh stated.

Limbaugh explained that liberal suburbanites were gullible sponges that soaked every bit of indoctrination the fake news media fed them.

“I’m just telling you, a steady diet of mainstream media coupled with the way you’re educated, and I guarantee you you’re going to think that Republicans are white supremacists, Nazis, and Klansmen. This is what they’ve been taught. You can chalk it up to branding,” Limbaugh continued. “You can chalk it up to education. But I’m telling you, a lot of the white, liberal, radical, educated suburban demographic today literally believe — ’cause they watch the media. I mean, they see the lies presented after Charlottesville happened. They see the lies every time there’s a mass shooting. They see the lies about Republicans. They just believe it.”

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Limbaugh concluded by warning his audience without conservative and alternative media the fake news would go unchallenged in presenting misinformation and a distorted view of reality to the entire country.

“Everybody believes what they read in the New York Times. They just do, the people that subscribe. They believe what they see on CNN. Folks, if we didn’t have this program and other talk radio, Fox News, conservative websites, blogospheres, we’d have lost the country already. If they still had their monopoly, there wouldn’t have been any pushback. And therein lies the answer,” Limbaugh concluded.

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