Rush Limbaugh Raised A Concern About Voter Fraud That Terrifies Democrats

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President Trump said voter fraud tainted the 2020 election.

The fake news media claimed he was lying.

And Rush Limbaugh raised a concern about voter fraud that terrifies Democrats.

As Great American Daily reports:

In many ways election night was a resounding success for the Republican Party.

The GOP picked up at least 10 seats in the House of Representatives and will control at least 50 seats in the United States Senate denying the Democrats a chance to win an outright majority.

Republicans also flipped control of state legislative bodies in Alaska and New Hampshire and flipped a Democrat-held gubernatorial race.

But right now the votes show Joe Biden leading Donald Trump in the presidential race.

Rush Limbaugh believes the massive down-ballot GOP wins do not compute with the President losing to Joe Biden.

“They’re all saying Trump lost. I’m reacting to the left. They’re waiting for Fox to call this. Do not doubt me. They think it’s over. I’m reacting, I’m simply saying, it’s a hypothetical, how the hell can the president lose an election where all this other stuff happens for the Republicans? They gain seats in the House to go 50-50. They hold the Senate. How does it work?” Limbaugh asked.

Limbaugh flat out said he does not believe Donald Trump lost the election and the lack of a blue wave is proof.

“I’m essentially saying I don’t believe that Trump lost. But that’s what they’re asking us to accept. What they want us to believe is exact opposite of what you said. They want us to believe this country voted for Republicans but against Trump. It’s the exact opposite. And I’m simply asking how in the world can they say that the people of this country voted to send Republicans to the House in equal numbers with Democrats and to hold the Senate and reject Donald Trump?” Limbaugh added.

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Some election analysts disagreed and argued that voters split their ticket when voting as a way to protest President Trump, but to make sure they did not hand Joe Biden and the socialist left a blank check to gut the filibuster, pack the court, add new states, impose a socialist takeover of healthcare and ram the Green New Deal into law.

The answer as to who is right will be known very soon.

President Trump and his campaign’s legal team are set to make their arguments in court and present their evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 election.

If the President is successful then courts will overturn the results in key states and Donald Trump will secure a second term.