Rush Limbaugh Made A Surprising Admission His Audience Was Not Prepared For

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For 32 years Rush Limbaugh’s been the most popular talk show host in America.

His career was built on success after success in exposing the left.

And now Rush Limbaugh made a surprising admission his audience was not prepared for.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Rush Limbaugh alluded to the fact that due to his terminal cancer diagnosis, it made him take stock of several aspects of his life and career.

One caller prompted Limbaugh to admit that the biggest failing of his career was not converting more people away from liberalism.

Limbaugh acknowledged that his career would be judged a success by any measure and he wasn’t whining, but it was something that gnawed at him.

“I gotta tell you, there’s a large part of me that feels like I have failed in such a major way, in a political sense. I’ve had 30 years here to try to convince people, to try to persuade people, to try to encourage people to think — critically think — on their own, to realize the difference between conservatism and liberalism, the difference between the Republican Party and the Democrat Party as it relates to conservative versus liberal,” Limbaugh began.

“But it’s big, and it is successful — and even with all of that, there’s still far more people than should be voting for Democrats, voting for the left. I chalk it up in part to having failed to convince people, persuade people of the truth. This guy is a success story. Well, Mr. Snerdley is saying, ‘Well, wouldn’t even be in the fight if it weren’t for you,’” Limbaugh added.

Limbaugh went on to use the last four years as an example.

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The top-rated talk show host ticked off all the lies and conspiracy theories the left unleashed to try and unseat Donald Trump.

Limbaugh explained that despite he and others debunking the Russian collusion hoax, the lies about President Trump praising white nationalists at Charlottesville and the impeachment scam, there were still smart people that bought them all hook, line and sinker.

“We had nothing but full-fledged, all-out character assassination of our guy — and all of us. No need to recount it all: The Russian collusion hoax, the coup, all of that. It never ended. But then again, we countered it every day. We blew it up. We told everybody it’s a bumbling of hooey, it’s a bunch of lies. And yet there are smart people who believe it that I have been unable to reach, that I have been unable to change their minds,” Limbaugh concluded.

Limbaugh did not want to throw a pity party for himself, but given the emotional nature of the broadcast—it could very well be Limbaugh’s last—he could be forgiven for engaging in some introspection.