Rush Limbaugh let the cat out of the bag on what the polls are hiding

Trump supporters are looking at polling data showing Joe Biden leading Donald Trump and wondering if the polls will be wrong again like in 2016.

Although no one will know for certain until all the votes are counted that could be the case.

And Rush Limbaugh let the cat out of the bag on what the polls are hiding.

As Great American Daily reports:

Monmouth University released a poll showing Joe Biden leading Donald Trump by 13 points in the key swing state of Pennsylvania.

But buried in the poll was the finding that equal numbers of voters thought Joe Biden and Donald Trump would carry the state.

The poll also showed that 57 percent of Pennsylvanians thought there was a shy Trump voter in the state.

Limbaugh used this number as a jumping off point to explain to his audience why he thought the current set of polling data did not mean a Biden victory was a foregone conclusion.

“There was a poll out of Pennsylvania earlier this week, and it revealed that 57% of Pennsylvania voters think that there is a secret number of Trump voters that pollsters will never find, that there is a secret Trump vote out there that could be huge, that even if the pollsters find them, they will not be honest with the pollsters,” Limbaugh began.

Limbaugh believed the polls will change as Trump and his campaign waged an assault on the undeniable fact that thanks to policy proposal written in part by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden is running on the most radical program in American history.

“These numbers in Pennsylvania will begin to look a lot better for Trump once people figure out the extreme left-wing and radical agenda that Biden has adopted. It isn’t his. That’s not who he is. But they’re putting this agenda in his mouth. They’re writing it on the teleprompter, they’re sending him out to make speeches and he’s giving them and he’s reading it off the prompter, but it’s not what he really believes,” Limbaugh added.

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Limbaugh also theorized that Democrats didn’t believe the polls showing Biden blowing out President Trump because they kept pushing to close polling places due to coronavirus and convert the election to mail-in voting.

“They are hoping that they can secure a decision that, because of the virus, we simply can’t open polling places. Not all of them. And we’re gonna have to have a substitute. Mail-in voting, massive expansion of the concept of absentee voting. And the fact that they’re gonna do that, the fact that they want to do that, that they’re gonna make this push, is what tells me that they don’t even believe their polls,” Limbaugh concluded.

In 2016, state polls undercounted non-college educated voters which led to massive polling misses in Wisconsin and Michigan.

Could that be happening again in 2020?