Rush Limbaugh Let Everyone in on This 2020 Secret That is Bad News for Democrats

Democrats don’t know it yet, but they are about to walk into a buzz saw next November.

Donald Trump is in a much stronger position to win re-election than anyone on the left realizes.

And Rush Limbaugh let everyone in on this 2020 secret that is bad news for Democrats.

Democrats and the fake news media wrote Donald Trump off as a goner in next year’s Presidential Election.

Liberals claimed the President couldn’t win because of his low approval rating numbers.

The fake news media did their part to turn that into a self-fulfilling prophecy by pounding Trump for three years with 93 percent negative news coverage by ignoring the truth and instead promoting lies, hoaxes and smears.

But as the American people are increasingly focusing on 2020, the fake news media and Democrats cannot believe what is happening.

Polls show the President’s political fortunes brightening and polls show the American people are tuning out the lies and focusing on the facts.

As evidence, Rush Limbaugh pointed to a YouGov poll which finds the American people believe Donald Trump will defeat his Democrat rivals anywhere from six to over 30-point margins depending on the candidate.

The top-rated conservative talk show host theorized that the American people rejecting the Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt explained Trump’s lead on these questions.

Limbaugh explained:

..So, again, 46% in this poll say that Biden would lose to Trump, 46% to 40%, a six-point edge for Trump.

That Trump would beat Crazy Bernie 57% to 31%. That Trump would beat Elizabeth Warren 57% to 27% (that’s 30 points) and that Trump would trounce Mayor Pete 59 to 18%.  Now, look at those margins.  Now, let’s stop and look at this for a second.  Does this sound sensible?  These margins, when you hear them or if you read the piece yourself, does this sound reasonable, believable, or does it sound like, “Whoa! This is so unlike any other poll I’ve seen out there, I don’t know if I should believe this.”

See, to me, this is the first poll to come along that makes any sense whatsoever. The Democrats are not making a case to the majority of this country to reelect them or elect them.  They’re not even close to it.  The amount of pro-Trump energy out there is expanding, and it’s growing, and even the polls that the mainstream media cite show this, that Trump is gaining support during impeachment; the Democrats are losing it.  This makes total sense.

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Fake news CNN’s own poll also showed the President tied or leading his Democrat rivals in the 15 battleground states – defined as those decided by eight points or less in 2016.

Polling analyst Harry Enten explained the President’s path to victory widened because the American people credited the President for the historic economic boom.

“76% of the country say we have good economic conditions!  Just 22% say we have poor!  That is, in fact, the best numbers that we’ve had since the beginning of not just this past decade, but the last decade!  So take a look at his favorability rating.  Now his favorable rating, 46%.  The president is becoming more popular, in part, I believe, because of the strong — what people view as a strong — economy,” Enten relayed to stunned fake news CNN viewers.

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