Rush Limbaugh Just Made a Major Announcement About Rumors His Radio Show is Ending

Rush Limbaugh is one of Donald Trump’s most high profile supporters.

Everyone expected Limbaugh to continue on and support Trump in 2020.

But Rush Limbaugh just made a major announcement about rumors his radio show is ending.

As Great American Daily reports:

The 68-year-old Rush Limbaugh faced a monumental decision.

Limbaugh’s contract runs out later in 2020 and fans and critics alike wondered if this was the end for the top-rated talk show host in all of America.

And of all people, Donald Trump broke the news about Limbaugh’s future.

During an “Evangelicals for Trump” rally in Miami, Florida, the President announced that Limbaugh agreed to a four-year contract extension that will keep him on the air through 2024.

“We have great people,” President Trump told the crowd. “Rush just signed another four-year contract. He just wants four more years, okay. Rush, Sean Hannity, Laura — a lot of great people — Tucker’s been great, ‘Fox & Friends,’ right?”

Trump supporters cheered this news.

But many also wondered if this would be Limbaugh’s final contract.

Rush will be 72-years-old when the latest deal expires.

At that point he will have been on the air for 36 years.

If Donald Trump wins re-election, he will leave office on January 20, 2025.

Limbaugh signing off for the final time after the 2024 election just before a new President replaces Donald Trump would be a fitting end for Limbaugh’s legendary career.

When discussing Limbaugh’s career, it is impossible to avoid one simple fact.

Without Rush’s radio show there is no conservative media.

There is no Fox News, no Drudge Report and no right of center media ecosystem that challenges the fake news put forth by the liberal media.

Limbaugh’s show began in 1988 when the American people’s media diet consisted of being spoon fed Democrat Party talking points disguised as news by the big three broadcast networks, fake news CNN and the major national papers like the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and Wall Street Journal.

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While the Journal’s editorial pages leaned toward the Republican establishment, the paper’s news pages lined up with those of the New York Times and the Washington Post.

There was no news outlet providing the American people an alternative to the Democrat Party slogans and propaganda the so-called “mainstream” media trafficked in.

You can draw a direct line from Limbaugh going on the air on August 1, 1988 to the creation of Fox News and the rest of the conservative media.

Limbaugh’s show – which drew tens of millions of listeners each week – proved there was an audience for an alternative to the liberal media.

Now that Limbaugh’s show will remain on the air for another four years the only question remaining is when Rush will sign off from his “golden EIB microphone” for the final time.

And that day could be within sight.

Great American Daily will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.