Rush Limbaugh Has Democrats Running for Their Lives with This Explosive Truth

Democrats were hoping this bad news never went public.

But now their worst nightmare just went public.

And Rush has Limbaugh Democrats running for their lives with this explosive truth.

For decades, Democrats have smeared the GOP as the party of racist, old, white men while claiming the Democrat Party represents tolerance, diversity and inclusion.

That claim is being put to the test in 2020.

Democrats entered this election cycle thumping their chests about the historically diverse field of candidates.

But the large field of candidates ended up working against the Democrats.

Since so many Democrats threw their hats into the ring, the party’s national committee established donor and polling benchmarks to qualify for the debates.

And now as the race hits the home stretch with less than two months before the first vote, no black or Hispanic candidates qualified for the December stage.

Only a late poll showing Andrew Yang reaching the necessary level of support in enough polls prevented the Democrats from having only white candidates on stage for the party’s December debate.

Rush Limbaugh took stock of this situation and noted that the remaining black candidate and Hispanic candidates – Cory Booker and Julian Castro – did not qualify for the debate and were rip-roaring mad about not doing so.

“Well, what’s happened? According to their own rules, the African-American and minority candidates no longer qualify to be on the debate stage. Kamala Harris, kaput. Cory Booker, kaput. Russian agent Tulsi Gabbard, kaput. And the only people remaining are rich white men. And there’s only one minority, and that’s Andrew Yang…” Limbaugh stated.

Limbaugh went on to explain that Booker and Castro pressured the Democrat National Committee to relax the qualification criteria for the January and February debates to ensure minority candidates made the stage.

“Well, bottom line, Cory Booker’s distressed. That his party’s better than this. His party’s better than this, to have no diversity on that stage, to have no minorities, to have no women left other than Fauxcahontas, who’s white, not an Indian. So pressure is being brought on the DNC to change the rules that they made to allow the people who are losing back on the stage,” Limbaugh added.

This failed as the national committee released a statement sticking by the debate qualification criteria.

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‘“The DNC has led a fair and transparent process and even told campaigns almost a year ago that the qualification criteria would go up later in the year — not one campaign objected. The DNC will not change the threshold for any one candidate and will not revert back to two consecutive nights with more than a dozen candidates. Our qualification criteria is extremely low and reflects where we are in the race. Once voting starts in February, our criteria will reflect those contests, which is more than appropriate. We’re proud to have given candidates so many opportunities to get their message across, and will continue to have fair criteria that reflects each point in the race,” the DNC’s statement read.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton lost in part because black voter participation dropped from the historic highs of Barack Obama’s two elections.

Democrats worry that the 2020 field – which features three frontrunners that are white and in their 70s – will also fail to inspire minority turnout to the levels Democrats need to win.

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