Rush Limbaugh Exposed Some Bad News That No Democrat Wanted To Hear

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The Democrats plan to win the Presidential Election just went up in smoke.

Now Joe Biden’s campaign handlers are scrambling.

And that’s because Rush Limbaugh exposed some bad news that no Democrat wanted to hear.

Joe Biden and the Democrats thought they could ride the coronavirus pandemic to victory in November.

The fake news media pushed the falsehood that Donald Trump mishandled the pandemic and is personally responsible for 180,000 deaths.

That is all a lie.

But now as summer comes to a close, cases, hospitalizations and deaths are all declining as the threat from the pandemic recedes.

In addition, new data from the Centers for Disease Control showed that just six percent of the deaths were just from coronavirus.

The other 94 percent died with pre-existing conditions.

Rush Limbaugh told his audience that these numbers were terrifying Democrats because they neutralized what they thought was their greatest argument to remove Donald Trump from office.

 “This story is just dripping with fear that the COVID-19 story is reaching a point where it’s going to be beneficial to the president for the next couple or three months. Number of cases down; number of deaths down. There are new CDC numbers on the actual number of literal COVID-19 deaths. It could be just a little over 6,000, not 180,000,” Limbaugh began.

Limbaugh added that these numbers are not some conspiracy theory or misinformation, but official government data.

“The Centers for Disease Control this weekend lowered the number of China virus deaths by 94%. From the Centers for Disease Control website itself, quote, ‘For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause’ — wait. This may be a tweet. No, it’s the CDC. ‘For 6% of the deaths COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19 on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes.’ These are called morbidities,” Limbaugh added.

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Limbaugh explained that the Democrats were panicking because the coronavirus pandemic was fading away and instead of celebrating fewer illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths, Democrats were freaking out.

“They’re worried it’s improving at this time, ’cause that could end up helping Trump. Now, this is the party, he keeps talking about unity and we need to come together. Wouldn’t you think that party would be happy that the numbers of reported cases are coming down? And wouldn’t you think that party would be happy the number of COVID deaths are not nearly as bad as we thought?” Limbaugh concluded.

Democrats have good reason to panic.

The coronavirus pandemic is fading away just as voters are tuning into the General Election and the riots in Democrat-run cities take center stage in the national political conversation.

(h/t Black Eye Politics)