Rush Limbaugh Exposed One Fact The Media Is Hiding From You About The Polls

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In 2016 the polls were wrong.

The fake news media swears up and down that this time will be different.

Rush Limbaugh exposed one fact the media is hiding from you about the polls.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

In 2016, polls in key battleground states completely missed Donald Trump’s victory.

Pollsters did not include enough non-college educated voters in their samples and ended up with egg on their face when Trump won the Presidency.

In 2020, the same polls show Joe Biden leading Donald Trump – but by smaller margins in the key battlegrounds – just like in 2016.

During a recent broadcast, Rush Limbaugh explained that pollsters were once again under-sampling rural, non-college educated voters, but this time it is an intentional decision to rig the polls against Donald Trump.

Limbaugh explained that a friend of his recounted to him an off-the-record conversation with a pollster that explained what was going on.

“A friend of mine had a fascinating conversation with an off-the-record pollster. And this off-the-record pollster, meaning the pollster did not want to be known, did not want to be identified. He was content to share with my buddy how they are doing this, but he didn’t want his name mentioned. And I don’t know the name. My buddy has not furnished the name. But here’s the theory. This is the theory to explain the polling discrepancies,” Limbaugh stated.

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Limbaugh’s friend told him the pollster claimed other polling companies are filling their surveys with suburban Republicans that are more hostile toward President Trump than rural Republicans.

“The polls are deliberately oversampling mushy, suburban Republicans to cover charges that they are shorting Republicans overall and deliberately under-sampling rural and small-town, conservative Democrat zip codes. All of this to prove that they are not oversampling Democrats. Then, they announce that they are scientifically fair on party affiliation, when they know in Trump’s case he has far more support from Reagan Democrats than from Bush suburbanites,” Limbaugh added.

Limbaugh told his audience that pollsters were pulling this trick to rig the polls against Trump while at the same time being able to claim they did not under-sample Republicans.

“And then after they do all of that, then they announce that they have been scientifically fair on party affiliation. They are doing it this way to refute allegations that they are under-sampling Republicans. Because, remember, in every poll that we have analyzed or looked at for the last number of years, you dig deep into the polling data, and you will find that the Democrats are massively oversampled. Thirty-eight percent Democrats, 24% Republican, 39% independent or whatever it is,” Limbaugh stated.