Rush Limbaugh Blew The Whistle On One Thing Joe Biden Doesn’t Want Voters To Know

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Joe Biden thinks he can sit on his lead in the polls and hang out in his basement.

That strategy just backfired.

And Rush Limbaugh blew the whistle on one thing Joe Biden doesn’t want voters to know.

As Conservative Revival reports:

One of the biggest political masterstrokes in recent American political history was in 2016 when Donald Trump released a shortlist of potential Supreme Court nominees.

The list convinced skeptical conservatives that Trump was one of them and Trump won record support from evangelical Christians.

Before Ginsburg passed away, the President updated his shortlist with 20 new names.

The President hoped to put pressure on Joe Biden to release his own shortlist of potential Supreme Court nominees.

After Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away calls only increased for Biden to tell the American people who he would nominate to succeed Ginsburg.

Biden delivered a speech in Philadelphia demanding that Trump pull any nomination if Biden wins the election so Biden could pick Ginsburg’s replacement.

But in the speech Biden refused to tell the public who he was considering nominating.

The day after Biden’s speech, Rush Limbaugh explained to his audience why Biden kept his potential Supreme Court nominees secret.

Limbaugh recounted how he was told that Stacey Abrams of Georgia – who pretends she is the Governor of Georgia despite losing the election by 50,000 votes in 2018 – was the favorite.

“Now, look, I have not confirmed this, but I have been told that one of the reasons why Plugs will not release his list of Supreme Court nominees is that Stacey Abrams — the perennial “I should be governor of Georgia” woman — is at the top of it. That is a reason to keep the list hidden, if you ask me,” Limbaugh stated.

Biden claimed he did not want to name any potential nominees because if they were judges he did not want to influence their decisions or open them up to political attacks.

These are all lies.

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And it is bringing back bad memories for many Americans.

Back when Biden served as Vice President and the Democrats were pushing Obamacare Nancy Pelosi said they needed to pass the bill to find out what is in it.

Now Biden is asking Americans to elect him to find out who he would nominate to serve on the Supreme Court.

Biden has promised to nominate a woman to the Supreme Court.

Many grassroots Democrats wanted to see Stacey Abrams selected as Biden’s running mate.

And one of the reasons Biden may be keeping his list close to the vest is he does not want the broader electorate to know he could nominate a completely unqualified farce like Stacey Abrams as his first Supreme Court nominee.