Rush Limbaugh Announced To His Audience One Big Change In His Health

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Rush Limbaugh stunned his audience earlier this year by revealing that doctors diagnosed him with advanced stage lung cancer.

His fans are always awaiting the next update.

And Rush Limbaugh announced to his audience one big change in his health.

Limbaugh provided an audio message to open a recent broadcast with guest host Ken Matthews to relay his thoughts on the recently completed Republican National Convention.

But first Limbaugh admitted he had to update listeners on his health.

And the news was not good.

Limbaugh explained that he came down with an infection that posed a serious health risk due to the chemotherapy he is undergoing to treat his cancer compromising his immune system.

“I came down with a severe infection, and it’s not good. A severe infection with an immune system that is suppressed because of chemotherapy. A white blood cell count that is less than normal is not a good circumstance, and it’s where I found myself last weekend, and I’ve had to devote every waking moment to dealing with it. And only just now I’m starting to feel, quote-unquote, ‘normal,’” Limbaugh stated.

But while Limbaugh admitted that was cause for concern, the Republican National Convention and the message President Trump and his supporters conveyed to the American people filled Limbaugh with a sense of hope and optimism.

“It lifted me up, folks. It made me inspired. It lifted me up. It inspired me to be assured that the future holds promise, that the best is yet ahead if President Trump is reelected. Whatever you’re going through — whether it’s an illness, a small business in trouble — the event last night truly was inspiring. It assured me that our future does indeed hold promise, that there’s somebody in the White House who literally does care about the future of the country and your future and my future,” Limbaugh stated.

Limbaugh praised President Trump’s acceptance speech where Trump outlined his achievements and made his case against Joe Biden in a cheerful way reminiscent of past Republican happy warrior Presidents like Ronald Reagan.

In addition, Limbaugh applauded the fact that there was no mention of George W. Bush, Mitt Romney or John McCain proving the party – in just three short years – transformed itself from a collection of establishment RINOs that agreed with the Democrats on everything to a populist conservative party.

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“It’s one of the most amazing transformations of a political party, and it’s taken place in less than three years. At this convention, George W. Bush was nowhere to be found. None of the old Republican elders. Romney was nowhere to be found. Not that they wanted to be there, but that’s the point. So I just… I think that there is a lot, folks, to be optimistic about, particularly if President Trump wins,” Limbaugh concluded.

Limbaugh’s analysis was backed up by polling data.

While Joe Biden received no bounce out of his convention despite the fake news media pouring on the praise, a Morning Consult poll released 48 hours after the GOP convention ended showed President Trump receiving a four-point bounce.

(h/t Great American Daily)