Republicans Surprised Nancy Pelosi with a Lawsuit That Could Change Her Career Forever

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Nancy Pelosi got the reality check of a lifetime.

The Speaker of the House is getting hauled into court without warning.

Republicans surprised Nancy Pelosi with a lawsuit that could change her career forever.

As Great American Daily reports:

Republicans are dragging Nancy Pelosi into court to prevent an unconstitutional power grab on behalf of the Democrat majority in the House of Representatives.

The Wall Street Journal reported that House Republicans sued the Democrats over Nancy Pelosi ramming a rule change through the House that allowed proxy voting.

“Republicans argue proxy voting, which was passed by Democrats with no GOP support, is unconstitutional. More broadly, they say that Congress has an obligation to meet in person, despite the risks,” the Journal reported.

The proxy voting scheme Pelosi and her lieutenants rammed through allowed one member to cast votes for up to ten members that designated them as their “proxy.”

Republicans objected.

Under this scheme, Pelosi can pass laws with just 25 members of Congress physically present in Washington which gives Pelosi even more power to write laws and negotiate with the Senate since the other 410 members of Congress don’t need to be in Washington to perform their duties.

Republicans argued in their complaint that this violates the Constitution.

“The GOP lawsuit argues that the Constitution requires a quorum, or a majority, of lawmakers to be physically present to conduct business. The Republicans said they believe the Constitution’s drafters expected there to be challenges to gathering and still wanted lawmakers to physically be present,” the Journal also reported.

When Democrats passed the proxy rule vote change by a 217-189 margin, they sold it as a public health measure.

“Convening Congress must not turn into a super-spreader event,” House Rules Committee Chairman Jim McGovern claimed. “What would be radical is if this House did nothing, if we made members decide between spreading a deadly virus or legislating for the American people.”

But no one really believed this explanation.

While some areas of Maryland and Virginia were hard hit by the coronavirus, Washington, D.C. never turned into another New York, New Orleans or Detroit.

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Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats wanted to keep the House out of Washington for the simple reason that it made life easier for Pelosi.

But as Washington, D.C. begins to open up – a process that should begin June 1 – the idea that Congress cannot be in session falls apart.

In fact, many Americans did not understand how in the middle of a pandemic, the branch of government responsible for authorizing spending bills did not consider their work “essential” and make members show up for work.

There are other concerns that once the coronavirus pandemic dies down and goes away, this power grab will remain in place.

There are few instances in world history where a government relinquished a power it seized.

That’s why conservatives are worried Nancy Pelosi declaring herself Empress of Congress and passing laws with a handpicked cadre of loyalists casting proxy votes will become a permanent fixture of Washington.