One Republican Senate Instantly Regretted Picking This Fight With Tucker Carlson

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Tucker Carlson has the highest ratings on all of cable news for a reason.

Some Republican donors and strategists are now floating his name as a potential Presidential candidate in 2024.

And one Republican Senate instantly regretted picking this fight with Tucker Carlson.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Indiana Senator Mike Braun is emerging as a new version of John McCain.

Braun’s joined with radical Democrats in forming the “climate caucus” in the Senate which will come up with “Green New Deal”-type legislation to raise taxes and kill economic growth in the name of curbing so-called “climate change.”

In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, Braun’s taken the opportunity to sell out conservatives again by blaming police and not the rioters for the murder, mayhem and looting consuming American cities.

Braun proposed legislation to reform “qualified immunity” – a doctrine that protects police officers from being sued by left-wing activists and losing their houses just for doing their jobs.

Carlson ripped Braun for proposing this dangerous legislation in a previous broadcast and Braun came on to defend himself.

It ended in disaster.

Braun claimed he needed to propose a Republican alternative or else Schumer would beat GOP Senate candidates over the head with this issue in the election and pass something worse when the Democrats took control in 2021.

That led Carlson to ask Braun one question – didn’t Republicans run the Senate?

“Who controls the Senate?” Carlson responded. “I thought Republicans controlled the Senate. And so you’re taking your cues from Chuck Schumer? You’re saying Chuck Schumer might criticize me; therefore, I have to pass a law that makes it easier to sue police?”

Carlson then pressed Braun on his criticism of an Atlanta police officer for skilling Rayshard Brooks after Brooks fought off two officers, stole a taser and fired it at the officer’s head before being shot.

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“You are an officeholder,” Carlson added. “I don’t normally press people like this but it’s not fair for you to filibuster without answering the question which is very simple. The officer facing the death penalty had a guy fire a weapon at him. What should he have done then?”

Braun dug himself an even deeper political grave when Carlson pressed him on Braun’s previous endorsement for Black Lives Matter and the need to address the “underlying issue” which Carlson took to mean Braun believed the police were at fault for the rising civil unrest.

“You think the underlying issue is Rayshard Brooks being shot? What’s happening now is the fault of the police. That’s what you’re saying? You called it the underlying issue,” Carlson said. “Are you making it easier for business owners to sue the mob for burning it down?”

Carlson finally ended the interview by asking Braun if he thought endorsing Black Lives Matter, smearing the police as killers and introducing legislation making it easier for left-wing activists to bankrupt police officers with lawsuits would deliver a Republican victory in November.

“You think you’re going to keep the Senate in the fall with this platform?” Carlson asked. “I don’t think the public supports you at all on this.”