No One Could Believe This Response to the Reports About Clarence Thomas Retiring

A Supreme Court vacancy would completely upend 2020.

Rumors swirled around Washington that Clarence Thomas was contemplating stepping down.

And no one could believe this response to the reports about Clarence Thomas retiring.

As Great American Daily reports:

Amazon Washington Post reporter Robert Costa set off a frenzy in Washington when he reported that sources in the Trump administration were preparing for Justice Clarence Thomas to retire.

“Justice Clarence Thomas, a conservative appointed by George H.W. Bush, is privately seen by Trump’s aides as the most likely to retire this year. While Thomas has not given any indication of doing so, the White House and Senate Republicans are quietly preparing for a possible opening, according to a White House official and two outside Trump political advisers who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the private conversations,” Costa reported.

Judicial Crisis Network President Carrie Severino – who also once clerked for Justice Thomas – shot this rumor down in an interview with the Breitbart News Tonight show on Sirius XM radio.

“Every year, around this time, we start hearing some of the same rumors. You heard them last year, the same ones. From my perspective — and I know Justice Thomas well, I clerked for him — I can tell you [with] one hundred percent certainty, that rumor, there is nothing to it,” Severino stated.

Severino also addressed the rumor first reported by conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt that Samuel Alito was considering retirement.

“I hear [these rumors] regularly every year or so, and that gives me serious pause as to the rumors about Justice Alito, as well, because it seems like it’s the same sources. People love to speculate, especially around the end of the Supreme Court term, but most of the time I think it turns out to be nothing more than rumor,” Severino added.

The Supreme Court is sure to emerge as a major issue in the presidential election.

Chief Justice John Roberts turned into a reliable liberal vote on the court.

But the two oldest sitting justices are Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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Whoever wins this election will likely nominate their replacements.

And if Donald Trump comes from behind and defeats Joe Biden, he can install two new conservative Supreme Court justices that will render Roberts’ ideological conversion to the left irrelevant.

In 2016, the Supreme Court proved decisive for Donald Trump.

Voters that listed the Supreme Court as their top issue broke heavily for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

Four years later, the President drawing a major distinction between the types of justices he would appoint versus the left-wing radicals Joe Biden would install on the court could provide a path for the President to win the election.