No One Could Believe Newt Gingrich Gave Donald Trump This Piece Of Advice

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Newt Gingrich claimed to be a Trump supporter.

But that just got shattered.

And no one could believe Newt Gingrich gave Donald Trump this piece of advice.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich complained that Donald Trump would not legitimize what he believes is a fraudulent election by attending Joe Biden’s inauguration if Biden is declared the President.

In an interview with center right radio host Hugh Hewitt, Gingrich launched into a strange and historically inaccurate rant about why Donald Trump is going to submit to Joe Biden’s election theft and let down his 74,000,000 voters by throwing in the towel.

“I think that we’ve only had a couple of presidents in history who didn’t” show up at the inauguration, Gingrich cited. “John Quincy Adams didn’t. And the Republican in 1868 didn’t. But other than those two, it’s a routine.”

Gingrich claims to be a historian but totally blew the fact that in 1868, Andrew Johnson was not a Republican, but a Democrat that ran with Abraham Lincoln on a unity ticket in the 1864 election and took over after James Wilkes Booth assassinated Lincoln in 1865.

But that wasn’t the end of Gingrich’s mind-blowing attacks on President Trump.

Gingrich actually claimed Donald Trump owed the American people an explanation for why he would not attend Joe Biden’s inauguration.

“If he does not go, I think he has to explain why,” Gingrich continued. “So I think Trump’s got to decide, you know, what best communicates his message. I think his instinct is not to go, because he’s convinced the election was stolen.”

Gingrich then handicapped the 2024 election and bizarrely claimed that the 82-year-old Joe Biden would run for re-election in four years.

“No. I think in 2024, if Biden has done an amazing job, and everything’s working, Biden will be hard to beat. In 2024, if, as I suspect will happen, all of the various left-wing policies fail, and we’re in a total mess, nobody’s going to look back and worry about this period,” Gingrich added.

Donald Trump rewarded Newt Gingrich by naming his wife to be his Ambassador to the Vatican.

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Gingrich did not return the favor with loyalty until the end.

Instead, the establishment-oriented Gingrich returned to his liberal Republican roots and parroted the fake news talking about the President acknowledging his loss and participating in a peaceful transfer of power.

President Trump stated on many occasions that if he lost fair and square he would have no problem admitting defeat and tipping his cap to the other guy.

But many Americans—including the President—who give the events of the 2020 election a fair-minded examination have no choice but to arrive at the conclusion that the Presidency was stolen.

(h/t Great American Daily)