Nancy Pelosi Was Sick to Her Stomach When She Saw This Democrat’s Jaw Dropping Arrest

The Democrats are increasingly nervous about the 2020 fortunes.

A scandal, a messy primary, and an embarrassing defeat on impeachment are sinking the Democrats chances for victory.

And Nancy Pelosi was sick to her stomach when she saw this Democrat’s jaw dropping arrest.

There are real world consequences to the hatred that is being shown towards Trump supporters.

The hatred the left expresses for people who wear “Make America Great Again” hats isn’t something that they just express in words.

The Democrats’ last Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, said:

“You could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right?” she said to applause and laughter at a swanky Manhattan fundraiser. “The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up.”

When the leaders of the Democratic Party talk like that, is it any wonder that there are Democrats who are starting to believe that all Trump supporters are terrible people?

Critics contend the way that the Democratic leadership is treating Trump voters is leading to violence.

A young man allegedly drove his car into a GOP tent where volunteers were registering people to vote last Saturday.

“Jacksonville police say a driver intentionally crashed a van through a tent where Duval County GOP volunteers were registering voters Saturday afternoon,” The Florida Times-Union stated. “Several Duval County GOP volunteers were working at the registration tent when a white man in his early 20s driving an older – possibly 1980s – brown van pulled up toward the tent.”

“We are investigating this as an aggravated assault,” the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office told reporters. “Several people were in the area and could have been seriously hurt. … JSO is taking the situation very seriously.”

Ronna McDaniel, Republican National Committee Chairwoman, said on Twitter: “These unprovoked, senseless attacks on @realDonaldTrump’s supporters need to end. I want to echo the @DuvalGOP in saying: We will not be silenced by cowards, and these disgusting acts will only make us work harder to win November.”

Donald Trump responded to the crime by saying, “Law Enforcement has been notified. Be careful tough guys who you play with!”

When Jussie Smollett claimed that he had been the victim of a hate crime, it was on the news for days and all the Democrat candidates said that the attack proved what a hateful, racist country America was even though the story looked fishy from the start.

Will reporters push microphones in the Democrats’ faces and ask them if they think the fact that they are characterizing half the country as deplorables is leading to this violence?

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Of course not.

Violent hate crimes are terrible and shouldn’t be tolerated from either side.

The beautiful thing about democracy is that every person has a voice and a say in the American government.

The man the police arrested in this case was trying to take away the voice of the people he disagreed with because they were Republicans.

The Democrats’ leadership needs to come forward and take a stand against this violence instead of ignoring or encouraging it.

(h/t American Patriot Daily)