Nancy Pelosi Was Seeing Red After Democrats Suffered This Defeat They Never Saw Coming

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Nancy Pelosi and her allies figured they just needed to run out the clock on the 2020 election.

Democrats believed the coronavirus, massive unemployment and riots in the streets sealed President Trump’s fate.

But Nancy Pelosi was seeing red after Democrats suffered this defeat they never saw coming.

As Great American Daily reports:

D.C. Democrats poured resources into a special election in California’s 25th Congressional District.

The seat became open when freshman Democrat Katie Hill resigned due to a sex scandal after allegedly having an affair with a female staffer.

Hill’s win in 2018 was emblematic of the Democrats sweeping suburban districts as many pundits thought these upscale districts packed with college-educated white voters and growing minority populations moved out of the GOP’s reach.

But all the fake news media’s narratives got turned upside down when Republican Mike Garcia – a military veteran – won the election by a whopping 12 point margin.

The fact that this win occurred in Nancy Pelosi’s home state only added to the embarrassment for Democrats.

The next day, Garcia appeared on Fox and Friends to tour his victory as a possible turning point for Republicans in 2020.

“There’s an awakening here in California,” Garcia noted.

There is a growing unrest in California over the economy-killing lockdown that helped boost Garcia’s win.

In his interview on Fox and Friends, Garcia noted that the unease with the tyrannical lockdown – which banned sunbathing on the beach – helped swing voters his way.

“The margin of victory was maybe a little bit bigger than even I expected, but I think it’s a resounding win and it’s a testimony to the hard work of this great team over the last year,” Garcia began.

Garcia explained to host Brian Kilmeade how his campaign used the lockdown to its advantage.

“It changed the dynamic quite a bit, not being able to campaign,” Garcia said in response. “And we pivoted early on, even before the lockdown orders were made, to virtual events, virtual town halls, and we actually did a very good job of still reaching out to the constituents and still reaching out to the folks talking about the issues, talking about the messaging.”

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Garcia added that his message of low taxes and economic growth resonated with voters “especially in a time when small businesses are hurting, and taxpayers are hurting, the message of helping small businesses being pro-growth, being pro-business and lowering taxes was resonating with folks.”

Hillary Clinton carried the California 25th District by seven points in 2016.

Garcia is now the only Republican member of the House representing a district Clinton won in 2016.

This was also the first time since 1998 that the Republicans picked up a Democrat-held congressional seat in California.

For all the talk of Donald Trump supposedly driving suburban voters away from the Republican Party, Garcia’s win proved that Trump’s message of restarting the economy and resisting unending lockdowns proved popular even in a blue district.

Garcia’s win means suburban districts held by Democrats will be more competitive than the so-called “experts” think.