Nancy Pelosi Was Caught on Camera in This Embarrassing Moment She Wanted to Forget

Photo by US Department of Labor on WikiCommons

Now is not the time for Democrats to get caught up in another one of Nancy Pelosi’s self-inflicted political wounds.

That is exactly what just happened.

Nancy Pelosi was caught on camera in this embarrassing moment she wanted to forget.

Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by an average of eight points in the Real Clear Politics polling average.

But Democrats are risking their current poll standing by making common cause with rioters and thugs that burned American cities and looted businesses.

The American people have no time for the anarchy Democrats are playing footsie with.

A recent POLITICO/Morning Consult poll found 58 percent of Americans support sending the military in to restore order in American cities by a 58 to 30 margin.

But none of those realities stopped Nancy Pelosi from staging a photo-op outside the Capitol where the Speaker of the House and her armed security detail waded into the protest to meet with potential rioters.

The Hill reported that “Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Wednesday joined a crowd of demonstrators outside the Capitol protesting police brutality toward black Americans following the death of George Floyd, an unarmed man who died in Minneapolis police custody.”

“Pelosi wore a mask and was accompanied by her usual entourage of staff and members of her security detail while walking through the crowd, which a spokesman confirmed was on the Capitol’s East Front,” The Hill added.

Many Americans wonder why — if these protestors were such a peaceful lot — Pelosi needed a heavily armed security detail.

After all, the Democrats’ message is the protestors out in the street are righteous and just.

But it is clear why Pelosi needed an armed guard while wading into the mob.

Over the weekend, rioters looted Washington, D.C. and tried to burn St. John’s Episcopal Church, which is right outside the White House.

On Monday, a rowdy group of protestors became violent after the U.S. Park Police ordered them to move back as law enforcement wanted to establish a perimeter farther away from the White House.

After law enforcement asked the mob to move back three times, thugs in the crowd hurled water bottles filled with frozen water and bricks at the police.

This is the crowd Nancy Pelosi sought to cozy up to.

Democrats find themselves at a perilous point.

Everyone in America believes that the officers that murdered George Floyd should face the maximum punishment under the law.

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While the public is willing to listen to the protestors, they are not willing to accept public policy changes under the threat of mob violence.

That isn’t America.

It is anarchy.

Democrats are trapped because they need the young and minority voters that took to the streets.

But the public is not on board with the violent agenda and tactics of the mob.

And by Pelosi acting like mobs in the streets are officially endorsed by the Democrat Party, the President could turn the election around with a message of law and order.

(h/t Great American Daily)