Nancy Pelosi Admitted One Defeat on Impeachment that Left Democrats Red with Rage

The Democrats reached the point of no return.

Adam Schiff and others on the left bet everything in 2020 on the coup to overthrow Donald Trump.

But Nancy Pelosi admitted one defeat on impeachment that left Democrats red with rage.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

In a “Dear Colleague” letter to fellow Democrats, Pelosi announced the House’s impeachment efforts would be centered in the House Intelligence Committee.

This effectively limited the impeachment push to just the Deep State spy’s complaint that President Trump improperly pressured the President of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden.

Democrat Presidential front-runner Elizabeth Warren also helped set the pace for the focus of any impeachment effort by declaring it should only focus on matters pertaining to Ukraine.

“Right now, I’d like to just see us do the Ukraine issue because it is so clear and it is such a clear violation of law,” Warren told reporters.

Eric Swalwell – a member of the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committee and former failed Presidential candidate– explained why a narrowly tailed impeachment inquiry was necessary.

“Keeping it simple avoids court,” Swalwell explained. “Keeping it simple means … we’re not looking at empty chairs or having witnesses shouting at you like Corey Lewandowski.”

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff promised to conduct a swift impeachment inquiry.

“We are working on potential hearings, potential depositions, I expect subpoenas are going to go out,” Schiff told reporters. “We will move as expeditiously as possible, but we have to see what witnesses are going to make themselves available and what witnesses are going to require compulsion.”

Other Democrats also expressed optimism they could present articles of impeachment by Thanksgiving.

“I think it’s everyone’s intention here to get this done in 2019,” Democrat Congressman James Raskin – who is also a key member of the House Judiciary Committee – declared.

Schiff, Swalwell and Raskin were not freelancing.

The three key Democrats parroted talking points handed down by Nancy Pelosi.

And the Democrats’ insistence for a swift and tightly focused impeachment inquiry is an admission of defeat on two fronts.

First, it acknowledges that the Mueller report and all the other investigations into Donald Trump crashed into a dead end.

They ended up being wastes of time.

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Second, Pelosi and other Democrat leaders wanting this fight over as quickly as possible means they are not both invested in this fight and expecting victory.

The longer this battle plays out, the more it drags into the 2020 election.

If the Democrats vote on articles of impeachment by Thanksgiving, Democrats hope this means the process will wrap up before the first votes are cast in the February 3rd Iowa Caucus.

20 Republican Senators will not vote to join the Democrats in convicting President Trump on the House’s articles of impeachment.

That means this fight will end in failure and humiliation for Pelosi and her caucus.

So it’s understandable that Pelosi wants to wrap this up as quickly as possible so it is out of sight and out of mind once voters begin to focus in on 2020.

American Patriot Daily will continue to keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.